Latest Zainab Chottani’s Summer Lawn Collection 2015

Lakhany-Beautiful-Spring-Summer-Lawn-Collection-2015-by-Zainab-Chottani’s-10-600x600 Lakhany-Beautiful-Spring-Summer-Lawn-Collection-2015-by-Zainab-Chottani’s-6-600x600 Lakhany-Beautiful-Spring-Summer-Lawn-Collection-2015-by-Zainab-Chottani’s-5-600x600 Lakhany-Beautiful-Spring-Summer-Lawn-Collection-2015-by-Zainab-Chottani’s-2-600x600 Lakhany-Beautiful-Spring-Summer-Lawn-Collection-2015-by-Zainab-Chottani’s-1-600x600Zainab Chottani is one of the more famous and sensitive fashion designers…… Known model of Bollywood actresses and female. Joy 2015 is also known as the model of the famous song fromthe movie Chittiyan Kalayan. Lakhany Beautiful Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2015 by Zainab Chottani’s (10)And it is the first time Pakistan fashion industry, a product launched their magazine catalog with featuring Jacqueline Fernandez.Theselawn 2015 wear dresses decorated with bright colors such as red, pink, blue, Fawn and so many more.Thesedresses are ideal for parties and formal celebrations.These dresses are looking simply stunning an dstylish.lastly LSM (Lakhany Silk Mill) in business with the launch of the series with more style of designergrass of summer 2015 season.Zainab Chottani brings the best of the season in modern design, fashion and amazing garden prints. So,get your dress from designer lawn so beloved of Zainab Chottani spring summer lawn collection 2015. Thewell-known song Chittyan Kalayan Jacqueline Fernandez model featured in this campaign of fashionmagazine Zainab Chottani

Madham Embroidered Collection 2015 Vol-01

Women-Spring-Madham-Embroidered-Collection-2015-Vol-01-by-Lala-Textiles-15-600x439 Women-Spring-Madham-Embroidered-Collection-2015-Vol-01-by-Lala-Textiles-13-600x439 Women-Spring-Madham-Embroidered-Collection-2015-Vol-01-by-Lala-Textiles-12-600x439 Women-Spring-Madham-Embroidered-Collection-2015-Vol-01-by-Lala-Textiles-8-600x439 Women-Spring-Madham-Embroidered-Collection-2015-Vol-01-by-Lala-Textiles-2-600x439Newly, Lala Textiles is again back with another spring madham embroidered collection 2015 Vol-01 collection for ladies. These dresses are consisting of a wide range of gorgeous printed dresses in pure cotton clothes…… Madham embroidered 2015 by by lala Textiles is looking good-looking and gorgeous. These all collections are ideal for all age group of ladies. If you are also searching for some of the gorgeous madham embroidered dresses then lala Textiles newest madham embroidery collection is ideal for you. Madham embroidered is one of the well-known and well-liked fashion labels of Lala Textiles. Madham embroidered has been working as very past years ago. Madham embroidered has released so many dresses and increased a good response. Now Madham embroidered has released freshly their unbeatable spring / summer collection 2015 for women. This spring / summer wear collection 2015 is consisting of pure madham embroidered dresses.
These collections are looking awesome and classy in their designs and prints. All of this madham embroidered wears dresses 2015 by lala have intended with modernity and high ends. These collections are ideal for young girls to women. Each dress of this collection has overstated with lovely prints. Each collection is available in two colors way.


Ajwa Textile Summer Charismatic Collection

Ajwa-Textile-Summer-Charismatic-Collection-2015-6 Ajwa-Textile-Summer-Charismatic-Collection-2015-5 Ajwa-Textile-Summer-Charismatic-Collection-2015-4 Ajwa-Textile-Summer-Charismatic-Collection-2015-2 Ajwa-Textile-Summer-Charismatic-Collection-2015-1Ajwa Textile charismatic collection 2015 is full of with beautiful prints.Their charismatic noir collection 2015 is consisting of pure three piece lawn dresses.The dresses are attach with chiffon dupattas.Lovely pattern and styles make this collection more beautiful.Each dress is available in two to three colors ways.The printed lawn dresses are ready to make you fall in love with them.

Kayseria Women Dresses 2015

Kayseria-Women-Dresses-2015-For-Spring-Summer-6 Kayseria-Women-Dresses-2015-For-Spring-Summer-5 Kayseria-Women-Dresses-2015-For-Spring-Summer-4 Kayseria-Women-Dresses-2015-For-Spring-Summer-3 Kayseria-Women-Dresses-2015-For-Spring-Summer-2 Kayseria-Women-Dresses-2015-For-Spring-Summer-1Kayseria is the most leading clothing brand for women.Kayseria provides seasonal collection that fill up your wardrobe with stylish dresses.

Shariq Textiles Latest Subhata Prints 2015

Shariq-Textiles-Latest-Subhata-Prints-2015-For-Girls-7 Shariq-Textiles-Latest-Subhata-Prints-2015-For-Girls-6 Shariq-Textiles-Latest-Subhata-Prints-2015-For-Girls-5 Shariq-Textiles-Latest-Subhata-Prints-2015-For-Girls-3 Shariq-Textiles-Latest-Subhata-Prints-2015-For-Girls-1Here we have the newly launched Shariq Textiles Subhata prints collection 2015 for women.Shariq Textiles is one of the top clothing mills.

Latest Antique Engagement Rings Designs

Latest-Antique-Engagement-Rings-Designs-2015-2 Latest-Antique-Engagement-Rings-Designs-2015-2 Latest-Antique-Engagement-Rings-Designs-2015-1 Latest-Antique-Engagement-Rings-Designs-2015-1These days in the fashion market the trend of the antique engagement rings is getting out to be so famous and popular.The antique engagement rings are all highlighted in the various styles, designs and cuts.You should always be choosing with the sleek design of the ring that gives away the appearance of chic and stylish look.Victorian era rings are beautiful and are all set in simple designing with the means of large stones.

Mehdi By Al Zohaib Textile Lawn Collection 2015

Mehdi-By-Al-Zohaib-Textile-Lawn-Collection-2015-6 Mehdi-By-Al-Zohaib-Textile-Lawn-Collection-2015-5 Mehdi-By-Al-Zohaib-Textile-Lawn-Collection-2015-4 Mehdi-By-Al-Zohaib-Textile-Lawn-Collection-2015-3 Mehdi-By-Al-Zohaib-Textile-Lawn-Collection-2015-2 Mehdi-By-Al-Zohaib-Textile-Lawn-Collection-2015-1Al Zohaib Textile is one of the most reputed and well known clothing labels and this hub has now revealed this lawn collection 2015 in which you will be catching up with stunning and amazing dresses 2015.Al Zohaib Textile has always come up with best dressing line, durable fabric line and stunning cuts and pieces.Al Zohaib Textile and Mehdi, both are the massive names in this fashion market of Pakistan and both of them have always come up with magical and attractive collection line.

Spring Wear Outfits 2015 For Modern Girls

Spring-Wear-Outfits-2015-For-Modern-Girls-11 Spring-Wear-Outfits-2015-For-Modern-Girls-10 Spring-Wear-Outfits-2015-For-Modern-Girls-3 Spring-Wear-Outfits-2015-For-Modern-Girls-2The Spring is on the corner and we should all get prepared.I have made you a wonderful collection of best suitable outfits to wear in the upcoming season.In this post you will see popular and definitely wear dresses.Floral pieces of clothes are must-have pieces.I love all of them and I can’t pick which one is my favorite.

Latest Pink And Gold Nail Art Designs

Latest-Pink-And-Gold-Nail-Art-Designs-7 Latest-Pink-And-Gold-Nail-Art-Designs-6 Latest-Pink-And-Gold-Nail-Art-Designs-5 Latest-Pink-And-Gold-Nail-Art-Designs-2 Latest-Pink-And-Gold-Nail-Art-Designs-1 Latest-Pink-And-Gold-Nail-Art-Designs-1Your hands should always shine with a beautiful nail art design, so for today I have made you a amazing post to move you and to awake your creativity.These pink and gold nail art designs will leave you breathless.Pink is going to be very well-liked this Spring and you should consider polishing your nails with this color.For more amazing look you can match it with gold, black, white or silver.Pink was only for teen girls.But, these wonderful nail art designs here are attractive.

Beautiful Wedding Dress Collection

Beautiful-Wedding-Dress-Collection-by-Irit-Shtein-9 Beautiful-Wedding-Dress-Collection-by-Irit-Shtein-8 Beautiful-Wedding-Dress-Collection-by-Irit-Shtein-7 Beautiful-Wedding-Dress-Collection-by-Irit-Shtein-2Here for today, I have made you a attractive wedding dress collection made by the talented designer Irit Shtein.All of the designs are fabulous and stunning and I think that this collection possesses designs for all ages and tastes.The Israeli fashion designer is one of the best designers in this industry.During her learning in Spain, Irit was exposed to Haute Couture and European Fashion.Her collections are made of the most beautiful and fashionable fabrics imported from Italy and Spain.All of them are very womanly and really beautiful and breath taking.

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