Popular Style Linen Collection 2014 for Winter

Winter-Linen-Dresses-2014-by-Popular-Style-1-200x200 Winter-Linen-Dresses-2014-by-Popular-Style-2-200x200 Winter-Linen-Dresses-2014-by-Popular-Style-3-200x200 Winter-Linen-Dresses-2014-by-Popular-Style-4-200x200 Winter-Linen-Dresses-2014-by-Popular-Style-5-200x200 Winter-Linen-Dresses-2014-by-Popular-Style-6-200x200Popular Style is very famous fashion brand at a huge scale in Pakistan. Popular Style is famous and well known fashion brand of Pakistan that has reached to the heights of success in very less time. Popular Style is a sub brand of Popular Group that is making Clothing line for the satisfaction of its consumers since many years. Popular Style was found in 2013. Popular Style is a family store in which you will find Stylish Designer wear for Ladies, Popular Designer Lawn, complete Home textile range, Men Wear and Kids collection. Popular is the sign of Quality at competitive Prices………Products: Popular Designer Lawn, Ladies Collection (Pret & Causal Wear), Men Collection (Shirts, Trousers, Cargo, Pants, T-Shirts), Home Textile Products (Bed Sheets, Curtains, Towels), Fruit Juices (Maza, Polly & Real Fruit). Safety Matches (Pajero), Suntac Water & Chemical Storage Tanks And many Other Products From Popular Group.

Evolution Textiles Autumn Malai Lawn Wear

Evolution-Textiles-Autumn-Malai-Lawn-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-3-200x200 Evolution-Textiles-Autumn-Malai-Lawn-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-4-200x200 Evolution-Textiles-Autumn-Malai-Lawn-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-5-200x200 Evolution-Textiles-Autumn-Malai-Lawn-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-6-200x200 Evolution-Textiles-Autumn-Malai-Lawn-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-8-200x200 Evolution-Textiles-Autumn-Malai-Lawn-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-9-200x200Freshly, Evolution Textiles autumn Malai lawn wear collection 2014 have been launched. Evolution Textiles is no doubt one of the most famed and yet one of the newly released mills in Pakistan. This textile mill comes out on the screen of fashion market in the year 2013…… This brand mill has been always seen out in distribution with the working women, smart casuals, party wear and progress wear. It has been even seen out in contribution out with the evening party by means of your amazing and appealing look. In the seasonal activities as well this mill has indoors with some of the fresh looking dresses collections whose modes of deceitful and the high quality outfits stuff has been each time respected and well liked out.

Semi Formal Wear 2014 for Women

Semi-Formal-Wear-2014-for-Women-by-Resham-Revaj-1-200x200 Semi-Formal-Wear-2014-for-Women-by-Resham-Revaj-3-200x200 Semi-Formal-Wear-2014-for-Women-by-Resham-Revaj-4-200x200 Semi-Formal-Wear-2014-for-Women-by-Resham-Revaj-5-200x200 Semi-Formal-Wear-2014-for-Women-by-Resham-Revaj-6-200x200 Semi-Formal-Wear-2014-for-Women-by-Resham-Revaj-200x200Resham Revaj dressmaking is most well liked girls fashion whole this whole already launched the massive type of party wear dresses, formal wear and bridal wear dresses. Resham Revaj dressmaking fashion dresses 2014 area unit simply obtainable in Pakistani fashion market and conjointly in Europe, USA fashion market…… Currently now Resham Revaj dressmaking launched the newest and delightful Semi Formal Fashion Dresses 2014 for ladies. This Pakistani formal wear fashion dresses 2014 is contained with semi and absolutely embroidery work. Designer use the embroidery work on the shirts and frock this embroidery work build the dresses terribly fancy and stylish.

So Kamal Beautiful Eid ul Adha Collection

So-Kamal-Eid-ul-Adha-–-Fall-Dresses-2013-for-Ladies-001-200x200 So-Kamal-Eid-ul-Adha-–-Fall-Dresses-2013-for-Ladies-002-200x200 So-Kamal-Eid-ul-Adha-–-Fall-Dresses-2013-for-Ladies-003-200x200 So-Kamal-Eid-ul-Adha-–-Fall-Dresses-2013-for-Ladies-004-200x200 So-Kamal-Eid-ul-Adha-–-Fall-Dresses-2013-for-Ladies-005-200x200 So-Kamal-Eid-ul-Adha-–-Fall-Dresses-2013-for-Ladies-006-200x200So Kamal has recently launched latest and Beautiful Eid ul Adha Collection 2013-14 for Women and girls. Kamal restricted is one in all the oldest and foremost textile producing homes of Pakistan. Established in 1950, Kamal restricted has exported home textile product to USA, geographic area, Europe and Australia….
So Kamal by Erum Ahmad is one in all the quickest growing fashion brands in West Pakistan that was established in 2012. Kamal restricted brings to So Kamal over 0.5 a century of expertise and experience in manufacturing textile product wherever utmost care is given to internal control and definition in style transferral their attire, export quality bed-linen and furnishings vary along below one roof, with a vision to supply choices that replicate vogue, comfort and individuality.
So Kamal currently launches their latest venture for 2013, Kamal field by Zara Shahjahan in March 2013.In this Collection, you’ll notice beautiful and classy dresses, that have abSolutely adorned with prime quality elaborations. This Eid al Azha Collection a pair of013 by So kamal is consisting on 2 piece dresses which incorporates embroidered/printed shirts and trousers. So fancy the foremost unforgettable moments of your life with So Kamal by sporting their latest Eid dresses.

Glamor Creation Women Exclusive Formal

Glamor-Creation-Women-Exclusive-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2-200x200 Glamor-Creation-Women-Exclusive-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Collection-4-200x200 Glamor-Creation-Women-Exclusive-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Collection-11-200x200 Glamor-Creation-Women-Exclusive-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Collection-91-200x200 Glamor-Creation-Women-Exclusive-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Collection-101-200x200 Glamor-Creation-Women-Exclusive-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Collection-200x200Glamor Creation Women Exclusive Formal Wear Dresses Collection, Glamor Creation is most leading fashion brand in this world as Glamor Creation always introduces the best and stylish collection only for women’s wearing. This time Glamor Creation has introduced the new collection Formal Wearing for Women, the need of time and current affair in the world of fashion.Glamor Creation clothes are too much wear in UK and these formal dresses are quite famous in USA fashion dresses…….. Glamor Creation brand has made some new trends which tell the style and glamour as well, this brand has some unique passion about the fashion wearing, especially in formal wearing which enhances the respect as well.
Glamor Creation Women Formal Wear Dresses are taking step ahead to the fastest sold clothing; this collection is also having the charm and amazing color combination on their Shalwar Kameez and stones work on them. Glamor Creation is concentrating on this fashion stylish clothes which will be wear in formal parties.

Allure Clothing (Mosta) Summer

Allure-Clothing-2-200x200 Allure-Clothing-6-200x200 Allure-Clothing-7-200x200 Allure-Clothing-9-200x200 Allure-Clothing-10-200x200 Allure-Clothing-Mosta-Summer-Wear-Dresses-2014-for-Women-200x200Recently, Allure Clothing (Mosta) summer wear dresses 2014 have been launched. Allure Clothing (Mosta) has been named as one of the most well-known and famous leading fashion houses in Pakistan. This fashion brand has been all occupied in catering out with the women clothing lines as the last few years. Allure Clothing (Mosta) has been mainly occupied in offering with the party wear, casual wear, plus ready to wear and seasonal collections as well. Each single year Allure has unveiled some of the brilliant looking dresses designs for the women of all ages and young girls whose styling and the scheming versions takes away the entire attention of the fashion lovers in just one look……Freshly, Allure Clothing (Mosta) has released out with its wonderful and beautiful looking collection of summer wear dresses 2014 for women. This whole summer collection 2014 has been offering out with the stylish long shirts that are paired in one line with the trousers, tights and churidar pajamas as well.

Bridal Wear Deera’s collection

Bridal-Dresses-Deeras-collection-2014-by-Bina-Asghar-1-200x200 Bridal-Dresses-Deeras-collection-2014-by-Bina-Asghar-3-200x200 Bridal-Dresses-Deeras-collection-2014-by-Bina-Asghar-4-200x200 Bridal-Wear-Deeras-collection-2014-by-Bina-Asghar-1-200x200 Bridal-Wear-Deeras-collection-2014-by-Bina-Asghar-4-200x200 Bridal-Wear-Deeras-collection-2014-by-Bina-Asghar-5-200x200Wedding Dresses for women includes in this post are mehndi dresses, Barat and Valima dresses for New Year 2014. In this Deera’s collection mainly lehengas, frocks and churidar suits are includes. Dabka and zari work and Banarsi fabrics are included in the collection of dresses by different designers of Pakistan. So, the wedding dresses 2014 you should check for wedding next year. A wedding day is the most important time in the life of a woman. It means a new beginning. Therefore, women want to look their best on this important day. Even in mehndi and walima, she wants to look beautiful. That’s why you pay a lot of attention to her makeup, hairstyles, jewelry, accessories and especially their dress. In Pakistan, brides wear ornate clothes in her barat and walima. Have a look at latest wedding dresses collection 2014…
Jiya Ali for Deera’s collection luxury pret, Bridal outfits
Designs: Bina Asghar
Photography by: Asim sheikh
Make up by : FurqAn from Nina Lotia.

Sharleez Party Wear Fancy Dresses

Sharleez-Party-Wear-Fancy-Dresses-2014-2015-For-Girls-3-680x1024-200x200 Sharleez-Party-Wear-Fancy-Dresses-2014-2015-For-Girls-5-680x1024-200x200 Sharleez-Party-Wear-Fancy-Dresses-2014-2015-For-Girls-6-680x1024-200x200 Sharleez-Party-Wear-Fancy-Dresses-2014-2015-For-Girls-10-200x200 Sharleez-Party-Wear-Fancy-Dresses-2014-2015-For-Girls-11-200x200salwar kameez and much more for evening wear occasions for women and girls who love stylish dress. Trendy and modern cuts are given such a fashionable look. These youthful designs are best for today’s young women and modern girls. This stylish collection is designed by talented fashion designer Seher Mazhar.Today We have brought SHARLEEZ latest formal wear collection-14 for women and girls…….. Sharleez stands for excellence in designs, they provide fabulous amalgamation of traditional designs, latest and unique cuts and exhilarating color pallets.Sharleez is new and emerging fashion brand which is offering outfits for different types of occasions like formal, semi formal, casual, party wear and bridal wear dresses.

Mac Duggal Prom Dresses Collection

Mac-Duggal-Prom-Dresses-Collection-4-200x200 Mac-Duggal-Prom-Dresses-Collection-5-200x200 Mac-Duggal-Prom-Dresses-Collection-6-200x200 Mac-Duggal-Prom-Dresses-Collection-8-200x200 Mac-Duggal-Prom-Dresses-Collection-9-200x200 Mac-Duggal-Prom-Dresses-Collection-200x200Mac Duggal Prom Dresses Collection, Mac Duggal prom dresses Collection is another fashion wearing collection for women which is being introduced by the well knows fashion designers and famous brand which is called as Mac Duggal prom dresses, this brand has a quality of latest trend, this brand goes with the latest trend as well……Mac Duggal prom dresses Collection contains all the new types of fashion designed on their made gowns as well, this collection is going to be the first choice of ladies as Duggal is having all the terms in designing which fulfill the USA and UK fashion dresses as well.
Some people are regularly wearing this collection as they love so much. Mac Duggal brand is going to make a sense of best fashion designing in UK and USA fashion dresses as well.
Mac Duggal prom dresses Collection is having the best color combination on their gowns; there was a trend when the gowns were in white color but now the time has been changed and there are too many verities of gown in this market.

Winter Party Wear dresses Collection

Winter-Party-Wear-dresses-Collection-for-Women-by-Lakhanis-1-200x200 Winter-Party-Wear-dresses-Collection-for-Women-by-Lakhanis-3-200x200 Winter-Party-Wear-dresses-Collection-for-Women-by-Lakhanis-5-200x200 Winter-Party-Wear-dresses-Collection-for-Women-by-Lakhanis-6-200x200 Winter-Party-Wear-dresses-Collection-for-Women-by-Lakhanis-7-200x200 Winter-Party-Wear-dresses-Collection-for-Women-by-Lakhanis-200x200People desire a pure and unique style in dresses. Such type of dresses is perfect for girls and women who prefer casual and formal dresses. The designers have to work on the new trends of fashion especially for the ladies because the ladies are more serious about their dressing……Winter Party Wear dresses Collection for Women by Lakhani’s, In Pakistan every fashion industry tries to provide attractive dresses which are according to the latest fashion. Every fashion designer in all over the world are in competition to make modish quality of fabric stuff. Asian designers become popular in western countries like (U.K, London), U.S.A. By the passage of time the designers change their styles and trends of fashion.

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