Dawood Classic Lawn Collection

Dawood-Classic-Lawn-Collection-2014-For-Women-1-200x200 Dawood-Classic-Lawn-Collection-2014-For-Women-1-200x200 Dawood-Classic-Lawn-Collection-2014-For-Women-2-200x200 Dawood-Classic-Lawn-Collection-2014-For-Women-2-200x200 Dawood-Classic-Lawn-Collection-2014-For-Women-4-200x200 Dawood-Classic-Lawn-Collection-2014-For-Women-5-200x200 Dawood-Classic-Lawn-Collection-2014-For-Women-5-200x200In this post we are sharing with you Dawood Classic Lawn Collection 2014 For Women.These Dawood Classic Lawn are looking most beautiful and awesome. Dawood Textile is among the popular and best textile firm in Pakistan. Dawood Lawn is among the popular and challenging textile mills that has been performing since very past years ago…… They offer lawn dresses for almost any season. Dawood Lawn is a fashion brand who has released freshly Dawood Classic Lawn Collection 2014 For Women. This particular lawn collection has stuffed with style and cuts. These types of lawn collection 2014 have adorned with beautiful prints. A few of the dresses are in single prints and many are in neckline and border. You’ll find every dress in two to three colors way. Dawood Lawn collection 2014 has designed these dresses with simplicity.The top quality material make these dresses more suitable as well as beautiful. Dawood Classic Lawn Collection 2014 have decorated with beautiful colors like red, pink, green, black, white and so forth. Furthermore, this is a collection which will certainly mesmerize you definitely.

CBazaar New Design Anarkali Frocks

CBazaar-New-Design-Anarkali-Frocks-Collection-2014-15-1-200x200 CBazaar-New-Design-Anarkali-Frocks-Collection-2014-15-2-200x200 CBazaar-New-Design-Anarkali-Frocks-Collection-2014-15-3-200x200 CBazaar-New-Design-Anarkali-Frocks-Collection-2014-15-4-200x200 CBazaar-New-Design-Anarkali-Frocks-Collection-2014-15-5-200x200 CBazaar-New-Design-Anarkali-Frocks-Collection-2014-15-6-200x200Freshly,CBazaar New Design Anarkali Frocks Collection 2014-15 have been showcased. Cbazaar is among the best recognized and also the greatest trend Shopping boutique. CBazaar fashion store offers dresses for high-quality cultural wear both for gender. This particular trend brand has worked in the field of fashion in the year 2012. The shades used in this dress party shalwar wear Designs 2014 are vibrant & standard such as red, desert, green, cherry, Ocean and purple. This particular wear costume party is extremely unique and delightful as well as used in a lot of Asian and Western countries like Canada, India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Dubai and so many others……Cbazaar provides elegant stoles, ethnic shoes, shawls, handbags, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, Pearl Jewelry, sarees in ordinary Silk, sheer fabrics, embroideries, kurta pyajamas, suits salwar, skirts, indo-western wear, shalwar kameez, patiala and outfits anarkali suits.

Trend Of Angrakha Frocks 2014-15

Trend-Of-Angrakha-Frocks-2014-15-For-Modern-Girls-2-200x200 Trend-Of-Angrakha-Frocks-2014-15-For-Modern-Girls-3-200x200 Trend-Of-Angrakha-Frocks-2014-15-For-Modern-Girls-4-200x200 Trend-Of-Angrakha-Frocks-2014-15-For-Modern-Girls-8-200x200 Trend-Of-Angrakha-Frocks-2014-15-For-Modern-Girls-10-200x200 Trend-Of-Angrakha-Frocks-2014-15-For-Modern-Girls-12-200x200In this article we will going to share with you the most recent fashions and trendy styles of angrakha frocks 2014 for modern girls. A few of the women can be not perfectly conscious from the specific idea of the angrakha frocks. It is usually to be talked about for the visitors which angrakha frocks are simply such as the anarkali frocks because they are available in both the medium length and long length…… Each and every single year the trends of the angrakha frocks have been seen to be showing with lots of changes even if this particular clothing design is getting one of the most popular and ideal styles among the ladies of all of the ages. For all the ideas of the visitors we wish to discuss that ladies can pair up the angrakha frocks all and also the churidar pajamas. This dress may be used casually and in the wedding event as well.

Latest Style Of Green Mehndi Dresses

Latest-Style-Of-Green-Mehndi-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-4-200x200 Latest-Style-Of-Green-Mehndi-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-5-200x200 Latest-Style-Of-Green-Mehndi-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-6-200x200 Latest-Style-Of-Green-Mehndi-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-7-200x200 Latest-Style-Of-Green-Mehndi-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-8-200x200 Latest-Style-Of-Green-Mehndi-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-9-200x200Tend to be one looking for various Latest Style Of Green Mehndi Dresses Collection 2014 For Girls? Very well in this case then you’ve really achieved during the appropriate spot! With all the passing of occasion the excitement to green mehndi dresses have been modifying constantly…… Moving little back during through the wedding brides had been a lot observed using yellow color mehndi dress which was simply limited about shalwar kameez. However the excitement has been completely modified! Nowadays each wedding brides tend to be prefering a lot to make the decision of anarkali frocks with churidar pajamas. Many of this girls much like to dress in very long shirts with churidar pajamas which simply help the bride and have them as really feel generally beautiful as well as elegant looking other people. In addition mehndi suits you’ll likely to get the decoration for the stone, motifs, heavy embroidery alongside with all the gota work as well. There are a lot styles which are found in the mehndi dresses that bride can likely to love trying all the mehndi dresses.

Seap by Sanaa Arif Mid Summer

Seap-by-Sanaa-Arif-Mid-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-1-200x200 Seap-by-Sanaa-Arif-Mid-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-3-200x200 Seap-by-Sanaa-Arif-Mid-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-4-200x200 Seap-by-Sanaa-Arif-Mid-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-5-200x200 Seap-by-Sanaa-Arif-Mid-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-6-200x200 Seap-by-Sanaa-Arif-Mid-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-7-200x200As we know that last year of 2013, so many fashion designers have started to build their career in this field of fashion by opening their fashion houses. One of the newly founded fashion brand Seap was established in year 2012 by Sanaa Arif. Seap by Sana Arif has bring their seasonal collection for young women. This is another Seap by Sanaa Arif midsummer wear collection 2014 has released just now. Seap by Sanaa Arif is a well supposed fashion brand in our country…… They have added a huge and victorious response in a very short time period of their career. Seap is a woman wear fashion label, who offers casual wear, pret wear, haute couture and bridal wear collection for every season. This gorgeous midsummer wear collection 2014 by Seap has also intended according to newest fashion trend.

Teena by Hina Butt Colorful Party Wear

Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Colorful-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-for-Women-1-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Colorful-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-for-Women-3-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Colorful-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-for-Women-6-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Colorful-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-for-Women-9-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Colorful-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-for-Women-13-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Colorful-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-for-Women-15-200x200Teena by Hina Butt party wear collections 2014 for women was exposed today. This collection of party wear consists of outfits that are not as heavily embellished as Teena by Hina Butt formal wear 2014 but still look nice. The outfits have the brand’s signature style……. The party wear outfits of Teena by Hina Butt include long shirts and frocks that are in fashion currently. They have overstated necklines or embroidered fronts. There are different colors used in this collection but each dress has only a few colors used on it. So, if you have an important party coming up and want a new dress, check out Teena by Hina Butt midsummer party wear 2014 for women.Teena by Hina Butt is quite a victorious brand for women’s wear. It offers dissimilar choices for women’s wear.

Sania Zara Exclusive Women Summer Wear Collection

Sania-Zara-Exclusive-Women-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-by-ZS-Textiles-1-200x200 Sania-Zara-Exclusive-Women-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-by-ZS-Textiles-2-200x200 Sania-Zara-Exclusive-Women-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-by-ZS-Textiles-3-200x200 Sania-Zara-Exclusive-Women-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-by-ZS-Textiles-4-200x200 Sania-Zara-Exclusive-Women-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-by-ZS-Textiles-5-200x200 Sania-Zara-Exclusive-Women-Summer-Wear-Collection-2014-by-ZS-Textiles-200x200Sania Zara women summer wear collection 2014 by ZS Textiles has recently released. Sania Zara is one of the famous fashion lines by ZS Textiles, in which you will always find a dramatic collection. ZS Textiles has released so many collections and added a good response. ZS Textiles has released so many collections and here is another Sonia Zara designer collection 2014 for women have released…….. ZS Textiles is one of the Pakistan’s well-known and most important fashion brands.ZS Textiles is a fashion brand who has been working as very past years ago. ZS Textiles is a textile mill who has released so many seasonal collections for women under dissimilar categories. ZS Textiles has released so many collections and always added a good response. ZS Textiles has released their summer wear collection 2014 for women. Now ZS Textiles has launched their designer series for summer wear dresses 2014. Sania Zara designer summer wear collection 2014 for women have released by ZS Textiles. This is a lawn collection 2014 for summer, which has intended with full of stylish looks and styles.

Wajahat Mansoor Women Wear Collection

Wajahat-Mansoor-Women-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Summer-3-200x200 Wajahat-Mansoor-Women-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Summer-5-200x200 Wajahat-Mansoor-Women-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Summer-7-200x200 Wajahat-Mansoor-Women-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Summer-11-200x200 Wajahat-Mansoor-Women-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Summer-12-200x200 Wajahat-Mansoor-Women-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Summer-14-200x200Wajahat Mansoor has released its newest and exclusive women wear collection 201 for summer. These summer dresses are very elegant and beautiful, includes stylish and stunning formal dresses. Wajahat Mansoor summer wear collection 2014 includes long shirts and frocks with trousers and pants. Wajahat Mansoor is measured to be as emerging and gifted fashion designer in Pakistan for men and women contour. He designs clothes for both genders. The main product line of Wajahat Mansoor is formal wear, party wear, casual wear and bridal wear etc. Wajahat Mansoor collections are shown in many fashion magazines and fashion shows.

Zahra Ahmad’s Sheesh Mahal

New-formal-Wear-Dresses-By-Zahra-Ahmad-2014-200x200 Sheesh-Mahal-Formal-Summer-Dresse-2014-by-Designer-Zahra-Ahmad-1-200x200 Sheesh-Mahal-Formal-Summer-Dresse-2014-by-Designer-Zahra-Ahmad-2-200x200 Sheesh-Mahal-Formal-Summer-Dresse-2014-by-Designer-Zahra-Ahmad-6-200x200 Sheesh-Mahal-Formal-Summer-Dresse-2014-by-Designer-Zahra-Ahmad-7-200x200 Sheesh-Mahal-Formal-Summer-Dresse-2014-by-Designer-Zahra-Ahmad-10-200x200Well known fashion designer Zahra Ahmad is now present with Sheesh Mahal formal Summer Collection 2014 for Women and girls. The long frock formal dresses by Zahra Ahmad are looking very elegant. New design of lared outfit in pure chiffon with beautiful hand worked neckline, stone brooch exclusive for every piece, Embroidered front panels.Latest Fashion of digital printed silk side panels and jamawar finishing on sleeves and daaman…… Latest Party Wear Sheesh Mahal 4 piece outfit with by magenta bolero by Zahra Ahmad. Sheesh Mahal Formal Summer Dresse 2014 by Designer Zahra Ahmad. The summer formal wear dresses 2014 the fashion brand has been offering with the stylish long shirts by means of trousers and churidar pajamas in addition to shalwar kameez.

Samreen Haider Winter Collection

Samreen-Haider-Winter-party-wear-collection-2014-for-ladies-4-200x200 Samreen-Haider-Winter-party-wear-collection-2014-for-ladies-5-200x200 Samreen-Haider-Winter-party-wear-collection-2014-for-ladies-7-200x200 Samreen-Haider-Winter-party-wear-collection-2014-for-ladies-9-200x200 Samreen-Haider-Winter-party-wear-collection-2014-for-ladies-10-200x200Samreen Haider presented her new collection 2014. This is specially made for winter season. Latest Winter Collection 2014 by Samreen Haider is a beautiful range of formals, semi formals and party wear consisting of long shirts and frocks with churidar pajamas. Samreen Haider has embellished these dresses with full of embroidery and laces. Their designs are according to latest fashion trend. These dresses are perfect for parties and wedding functions because of their designs and looks. It is very stylish and adorable dress because they have used high quality stuff in it that is not only exclusive but also a comfortable outfit for the current season.

Photography Shani Snap Er ( FOTO Master)
Designer Samreen haider
Model Mahi Khan
Coordination Thomas Fernandes
Make up Rita Magdaline

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