Latest Bridal Courtesy Dresses 2016 by Saira Rizwan

Saira-Rizwan-Latest-Bridal-Dresses-2-533x800 Saira-Rizwan-Latest-Bridal-Dresses-3-533x800 Saira-Rizwan-Latest-Bridal-Dresses-7-533x800 Saira-Rizwan-Latest-Bridal-Dresses-9-533x800 Saira-Rizwan-Latest-Bridal-Dresses-11-533x800Saira Rizwan the renowned fashion designer has recently launched its Bridal Wear Collection 2016 Designs. Stunning embroidered bride dresses are available in this collection.
Urwa Hocane models for the Saira Rizwan “Royal Velour” bridal couture campaign shot at the majestic Katas Raj temples. With an assortment of jamavar, organzas and velvets, the final result is beautiful with deep ethnic hues further highlighted by the gold.

Sanam Jung’s Wedding PhotoShoot

Sanam-Jung-Wedding-Shoot-16-540x800 Sanam-Jung-Wedding-Shoot-15-540x800 Sanam-Jung-Wedding-Shoot-10-600x405 Sanam-Jung-Wedding-Shoot-7-600x397 Sanam-Jung-Wedding-Shoot-4-600x399Many pictures of Sanam Jung’s Baraat have been posted on different pages but the pictures of her photoshoot with her husband on the day have been revealed now. The photography has been done by Tariq AK who is known to have taken pictures of many celebrities. Nowadays photographers try to come up with new ideas of taking these pictures and Tariq has used some new ways too. The photographer posted on his facebook page..

Sanam Chaudhry Unseen Selfie Photoshoot in Different Style

Sanam-Chaudhry-Selfie-Photoshoot-16 Sanam-Chaudhry-Selfie-Photoshoot-15 Sanam-Chaudhry-Selfie-Photoshoot-12-600x446 Sanam-Chaudhry-Selfie-Photoshoot-8-600x648 Sanam-Chaudhry-Selfie-Photoshoot-2Sanam is the younger sister of Pakistani actress Zaib Chaudhry . She is the most talented and has the potential to become the No.1 actress of the Pakistani. She is best known after her drama “Asmano pe Likha” with Sajjal ali.

Shahla Rehman Unbeatable Winter Wear Collection For Women 2016

Shahla-Rehman-Winter-Wear-Collection-For-Women-10 Shahla-Rehman-Winter-Wear-Collection-For-Women-9 Shahla-Rehman-Winter-Wear-Collection-For-Women-8 Shahla-Rehman-Winter-Wear-Collection-For-Women-7 Shahla-Rehman-Winter-Wear-Collection-For-Women-1Shahla Rehman winter wear collection 2016 for women includes long shirts are set with the shalwars, cigarette pants and trousers. All these dresses are adorned with the embroidery work, stones, and tilla work. We have shared the pictures of fascinating Unbeatable by Shahla Rehman winter wear collection 2016 for women.

Nakoosh Zardozi Party Wear Dresses Collection for Women 2016

Nakoosh-Zardozi-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-7 Nakoosh-Zardozi-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-6 Nakoosh-Zardozi-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-5 Nakoosh-Zardozi-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-4 Nakoosh-Zardozi-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-3 Nakoosh-Zardozi-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-1Nakoosh is a well-known name in the Pakistani fashion industry, they always offer lovely dresses for the women to make them elegant, at this time they have launched latest fashion trend fancy party wear dresses with modern styles in this winter season. Nakoosh Zardozi Wedding wear, bridal wear 2016 has been launched now for this winter season.

Bridal Wear Collection For Women 2016 by Nadia Ellahi

Nadia-Ellahi-Bridal-Wear-Collection-9-600x400 Nadia-Ellahi-Bridal-Wear-Collection-8 Nadia-Ellahi-Bridal-Wear-Collection-5 Nadia-Ellahi-Bridal-Wear-Collection-4 Nadia-Ellahi-Bridal-Wear-Collection-3 Nadia-Ellahi-Bridal-Wear-Collection-1Nadia Ellahi bridal wear collection 2016 for women has been all launched up now! So are all of you excited? We know it is a wedding season and all of us wants to wear something best and exclusive for these fancy and colorful days.
We are also attaching the pictures so that you can have a look at these beautiful and amazing wedding outfit pictures. As you can see that this collection mainly comprises of cholis and long shirts.

Casual Chic & Evening Wear Collection For Women 2016 by Misha Lakhani

Misha-Lakhani-Casual-Chic-Evening-Wear-Collection-7-600x800 Misha-Lakhani-Casual-Chic-Evening-Wear-Collection-5-600x800 Misha-Lakhani-Casual-Chic-Evening-Wear-Collection-4-600x800 Misha-Lakhani-Casual-Chic-Evening-Wear-Collection-3-600x800 Misha-Lakhani-Casual-Chic-Evening-Wear-Collection-2-600x800 Misha-Lakhani-Casual-Chic-Evening-Wear-Collection-1-600x800When we talk about about some of the most excellent fashion designers of Pakistan then we always emphasize the list with the name of Misha Lakhani. Misha Lakhani is one of the most excellent designers of Pakistan who have earned the heights of fame and attention in just the commencement of the designing career. Misha Lakhani is all infused in offering with the women based clothing dresses that appears in the creation lines of casual wear, semi formal wear, party dresses and bridal wear.

Sobia Nazir Luxury Winter Pret Wear Dresses for Women 2016

Sobia-Nazir-Luxury-Winter-Pret-Wear-Dresses-for-Women-12-533x800 Sobia-Nazir-Luxury-Winter-Pret-Wear-Dresses-for-Women-10-533x800 Sobia-Nazir-Luxury-Winter-Pret-Wear-Dresses-for-Women-8-533x800 Sobia-Nazir-Luxury-Winter-Pret-Wear-Dresses-for-Women-4-600x400 Sobia-Nazir-Luxury-Winter-Pret-Wear-Dresses-for-Women-2-533x800 Sobia-Nazir-Luxury-Winter-Pret-Wear-Dresses-for-Women-1-533x800Sobia Nazir luxury winter prêt wear collection 2016 has released just now. These include collections in pure silk and chiffon fabrics. This collection of Sobia Nazir is consisting of gorgeous readymade collections in lovely color combination and lace work. The shirt, dupatta and trouser are added to this collection in ready to wear pattern.

Zainab Chottani Luxury Pret Dresses Collection for Women 2016

Zainab-Chottani-Luxury-Pret-Dresses-Collection-9 Zainab-Chottani-Luxury-Pret-Dresses-Collection-8 Zainab-Chottani-Luxury-Pret-Dresses-Collection-4 Zainab-Chottani-Luxury-Pret-Dresses-Collection-3 Zainab-Chottani-Luxury-Pret-Dresses-Collection-1Zainab Chottani formal wear collection is adorned with delightful embroidered work and patterns. This collection is perfect for young girls to wear it in formal gathering and party events.

Wasim Akram and Shaniera Akram at Nadia Khan Show

Wasim-Akran-with-wife-in-Nadia-Khan-Show-15 Wasim-Akran-with-wife-in-Nadia-Khan-Show-13 Wasim-Akran-with-wife-in-Nadia-Khan-Show-11-600x326 Wasim-Akran-with-wife-in-Nadia-Khan-Show-7-600x450 Wasim-Akran-with-wife-in-Nadia-Khan-Show-2Watch Wasim Akram and Shaniera Akram at Nadia Khan Show Pictures…

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