Maysoon Summer Party Dresses

Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-2-200x200 Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-3-200x200 Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-5-200x200 Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-6-200x200 Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-8-200x200 Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-9-200x200Maysoon is one of the largest manufacturer and retailer of women’s fancy garments in Pakistan. Maysoon brand was launched in 2000 and in a short period of time we created a fashion revolution with our exquisite designing and chic image; evident in all our lines from casuals, party-wear to bridals…… We now serve a diverse South Asian clientele around the world. Just like the previous year this year as well Maysoon is all back with their remarkable collection of party dresses 2014 for women. This party wear collection 2014 is all set inside the category of the casual wear dresses designs but at the same time this collection is even added with the party outfits too. All the dresses have been carrying out with the appearance of long straight shirts plus A line shirts too. Each one of the dress design stitching is done in brilliant and fine looking way by making the use of premium stuff. In all the dresses the brand house has made the exceptional use of embroidery plus little blending flavors of printing too.

Naureen Arbab Stylish Party Wear Dresses

New-Women-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-by-Naureen-Arbab-1-200x200 New-Women-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-by-Naureen-Arbab-2-200x200 New-Women-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-by-Naureen-Arbab-6-200x200 New-Women-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-by-Naureen-Arbab-7-200x200 New-Women-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-by-Naureen-Arbab-8-200x200 New-Women-Party-Wear-Dresses-2014-by-Naureen-Arbab-200x200Naureen belongs Pakistani fashion industry and came into fashion wear designing industry in 2008.Graceful look with modern unique designs are specialty by Naureen Arbab which she puts in her clothing. Light green color dress is contrasted with golden color and metal brooch on front. Orange color dress is also of same designing and metal brooch is also present there. Yellow color shirt is also printed stuff and has embroidery on gala and embroidered motive in the center of the shirt.
White color shirt has multi color Embroidery on it. Teen girls are main target by her to attract them by latest designs and trends. Naureen clothing is also admired by the Pakistani women who are living in UK, USA, Dubai, Canada and Australia etc. The dresses collection we are offering in this article is named as “Women Party Wear Dresses by Naureen Arbab”. NAUREEN ARBAB has projected these dresses for our teenagers.
This green dress has slight embroidery on its front. White color dress is chicken stuff and has buttons on its gala in kurta style. It has red color motivative on it as well. It covers half of the shirt. The entire gala is designed by it. Purple color dress is excellent. It has side Embroidery on it in mustard color and has motive on back in square style. It’s time to see the picture of Naureen Arbab Stylish Party Wear Dresses 2013-14 For Ladies…

Generation new Casual Dresses Fashion

Generation-Tops-2013-For-Girls-1-200x200 Generation-Tops-2013-For-Girls-2-200x200 Generation-Tops-2013-For-Girls-3-200x200 Generation-Tops-2013-For-Girls-4-200x200 Generation-Tops-2013-For-Girls-5-200x200 Generation-Tops-2013-For-Girls-200x200Generation has launched recently G Square Casual Dresses Fashion 2013 For Girls of Pakistan. Generation is a famous Pakistan fashion label for trendy girl’s fashion. Generation Fashion started its journey in 1983. Because the 80′s rolled in and life in urban Asian nation started turning into a lot of cosmopolitan, there was a desire for amendment in attitude.

The need for good dressing set the ideology behind GENERATION – to produce a definite kind of coming up with, enticing and comfy covering and a one-stop answer. GENERATION apparels illustrate swish silhouettes, fluid lines and trendy cuts, all the whereas creating comfort its prime priority. The covering vary is split into six lines; they’re ladies, Formals, classic.

Generation offers prepared created garments each formal and informal for young women. Pakistani brand Generation casual wear Collection 2013 for summer was discovered just. the collection belongs to the G2 line of Generation. It’s nice casual wear kurtis. There’s nice embroidery on the kurtis within the Collection. All the kurtis within the Collection look extremely good and good. Most of them ar colorful.

Tena Durrani Summer Party Collection

Tena-Durrani-Party-Collection-For-Spring-Summer-1-200x200 Tena-Durrani-Party-Collection-For-Spring-Summer-2-200x200 Tena-Durrani-Party-Collection-For-Spring-Summer-4-200x200 Tena-Durrani-Summer-Party-Collection-2013-For-Women-1-200x200 Tena-Durrani-Summer-Party-Collection-2013-For-Women-2-200x200 Tena-Durrani-Summer-Party-Collection-2013-For-Women-4-200x200Tena Durrani is a very famous and talented fashion designer of Pakistan fashion industry.Tena Durrani started designing in 2005.Tena Durrani offered different dresses for women like wedding wear dresses, semi-formal wear dresses and formal wear dresses.Vibrant colors and rich embroideries are noticeable in the collections of Tena Durrani. The clothes are always chic and trendy.Tena Durrani summer party collection 2013 for women and girls has recently launched. Women and girls will see beautiful and elegant long shirts in this collection of Tena Durrani. Women and girls will see dresses from Marquis collection by Tena Durrani as well as its Camellia collection and bridal wear collection in its summer range.Tena Durrani summer collection 2013 has sleeveless and embroidered shirts. Tena Durrani summer collection 2013 has really beautiful dresses and women and girls can be worn to parties and weddings ceremony. So, if you are looking for formal wear and party wear dresses, go for the stylish dresses in this collection. Tena Durrani is easily reachable through phone or email. Her studio is in Karachi.other information on the designer and picture of this collection is given here.

Kayseria Rang -e- Mahrni Eid collection

Rang-e-Maharam-New-Eid-Collection-2013-By-Kayseria-1-200x200 Rang-e-Maharam-New-Eid-Collection-2013-By-Kayseria-2-200x200 Rang-e-Maharam-New-Eid-Collection-2013-By-Kayseria-3-200x200 Rang-e-Maharam-New-Eid-Collection-2013-By-Kayseria-6-200x200 Rang-e-Maharam-New-Eid-Collection-2013-By-Kayseria-7-200x200 Rang-e-Maharam-New-Eid-Collection-2013-By-Kayseria-200x200In the summer eid ul fiter 2013 Kayseria is present with Rang-e-Maharani Eid Collection 2013 for Girls. Kayseria is a women’s fashion brand. Kayseria offers fancy clothes for Eid women. Kayseria summer 2013 collection for women made recently. It Unstitched closet for clothes ladies. Sefam (Pvt.) Limited began its operations in 1985 with one outlet, named Bareeze, in Lahore. Bareeze was the first entity to sell premium quality embroidered fabric in the cities of Pakistan.
After the success of embroidered fabric Sefam brought a range of premium quality products. Embroidered well as those in Kayseria Eid collection 2013 for women in this year’s Eid collection by Kayseria. Collections are queen and luxury. Kayseria Eid Collection 2013 for women clothing contains additional features such as the embroidered patches.

The collection is consists of trendy dresses like long shirts nourished with thread embroidery neckline designs and latest patterns. This Eid you will get the traditional dresses with the taste of current fashion trend. The latest Kayseria summer dress collection 2013 consisted of nicely designed fabrics for women and girls. Every women wants charm and brights color dresses for their happiest Eid holiday.

Nauman Arfeen Summer Wear Collection

He started his fashion designing career in year 2010. The main goal of Nauman Arfeen to make women & men dresses in both versions such as eastern and western with unique cuts and attractive colour combination. Last day, Nauman Arfeen has displayed his bridal collection 2014 at London show 2014.
In this fashion show, Nauman Arfeen presented his superb and beautiful bridal collection. His bridal collection truly rocked the ramp of London show 2014 in london. All bridal & groom dresses are highly adorned with beautiful zari and dabbka work. Moreover, Naushemian bridal & groom collection also includes beautiful long shirts and kameez along with stylish frocks. Moreover, his collection also includes men sherwanis and kurtas of attractive and bright colors. Let’s waste no more time and have a quick look at the stunning bridal collection 2014 from London show 2014 by Nauman Arfeen.

Indian And Pakistani Bridal Lehanga Dresses

Indian-And-Pakistani-Bridal-Lehanga-Dresses-2013-1-200x200 Indian-And-Pakistani-Bridal-Lehanga-Dresses-2013-2-200x200 Indian-And-Pakistani-Bridal-Lehanga-Dresses-2013-4-200x200 Indian-And-Pakistani-Bridal-Lehanga-Dresses-2013-6-200x200 Indian-And-Pakistani-Bridal-Lehanga-Dresses-2013-7-200x200 Indian-And-Pakistani-Bridal-Lehanga-Dresses-2013-8-200x200When the bride to prepare, how is it possible that sola singhar not mentioned. over time thebridal hoor looking like a paradise. At the present time women are also beautiful on her wedding day to do their important. mainly women brides choose for their wedding lehenga but today fashion designers introduced a number of changes….The collection of Bridal lehenga is unique and different price ranges. In this collection of elegant and trendy lehenga designs are included. All lehenga is perfect for winter wear, party wear, bridal wear or wedding wear. Collections entire bridal look too gorgeous and awesomely designed.
All women who want to wear their most beautiful on their lehengas should definitely check out the collection of white bridal lehenga 2013 quickly.

Swarovski Crystal Jewellery Designs

Swarovski-Crystal-Jewellery-Designs-2014-For-Valentine-Day-1-200x200 Swarovski-Crystal-Jewellery-Designs-2014-For-Valentine-Day-2-200x200 Swarovski-Crystal-Jewellery-Designs-2014-For-Valentine-Day-3-200x200 Swarovski-Crystal-Jewellery-Designs-2014-For-Valentine-Day-4-200x200 Swarovski-Crystal-Jewellery-Designs-2014-For-Valentine-Day-5-200x200If any girl is planning for wedding function then she should chooseplatinum Swarovski crystal jewellery. In short, we can say that Swarovski crystal jewellery is getting very popular all over the world along with eye glittering colors……Swarovski crystals are used for making rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and many more other things. Basically, Swarovski crystal jewellery is the crucial and important part of any wedding plan. Women always attract by crystals and every bride wants to wear diamond jewel on her big day. But, diamond jewellery is very expensive and valued high. So, brides prefer to buy Swarovski crystal jewellery as compare to diamond jewellery……

Anoushay Abbasi Nikkah Exclusive Pictures

10708128_858711914159194_1599373344_n-200x200 10715810_858711424159243_1077444163_n-200x200 10717935_858711454159240_1097804178_n-200x200 10721047_858711907492528_218833811_n-200x200 anoushey-baraat-3-300x300-200x200 sxx-200x200VJ and Model Anoushey Abbasi, sister of Javeria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi is all set to tie the knot. It seems like just yesterday the Beautiful bride announced her wedding on social media,which got her fans both exited and aggravated that they weren’t invited! Fans and Media persons are hoping this will be the next big wedding of 2014. This year, many famous celebrities committed to life together. Famous celebrities and TV biggies, such as Aiza Khan and Danish Taimoor, Sarwat Gillani, Asad Siddiqui, Soniya Hussain, Dua Malik, Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar, Cricketer Mohammad Amir, Cricketer Nasir Jamshed and many more are included in this list.

Anoushey Abbasi exclusive Nikkah pics…

Beautiful and Stylish Abaya Designs for Girls

Beautiful-and-Stylish-Abaya-Designs-for-Girls1-200x200 Beautiful-and-Stylish-Abaya-Designs-for-Girls-1-200x200 Beautiful-and-Stylish-Abaya-Designs-for-Girls-2-200x200 Beautiful-and-Stylish-Abaya-Designs-for-Girls-3-200x200 Beautiful-and-Stylish-Abaya-Designs-for-Girls-4-200x200 Beautiful-and-Stylish-Abaya-Designs-for-Girls-5-200x200Most of the new Indian and Asian models of the world are also wear the Hijab or Abaya around the world. It doesn’t matter that these are Muslim or non Muslims. Abaya is the only things that increase the beauty and the respect of Muslim girls and their pride also. Most of the Muslim families demands from their girls to wear this to save the respect in world……. It is good thing to wear around the world for the safety of Muslim women around the world. Beautiful and Stylish Abaya Designs for GirlsIndian film industries are also promotes the use of Hijab in their films and shows the different Stylish Abaya and scarf collection 2013-14 for girls and women. Most of the USA, UK, and western countries women also wear Abaya for their safety and make some moral with Muslim girls.

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