Keechos Formal Wear Dresses Women Fashion

Keechos-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Women-Fashion-2014-1-200x200 Keechos-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Women-Fashion-2014-2-200x200 Keechos-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Women-Fashion-2014-3-200x200 Keechos-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Women-Fashion-2014-4-200x200 Keechos-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Women-Fashion-2014-5-200x200 Keechos-Formal-Wear-Dresses-Women-Fashion-2014-200x200Keechos is a leading and famous fahsion brand. Keechos is a fashion label and has been working in this field of fashion since year 2010. Keechos offers party wear, formal wear, semi-formal and bridal wear dresses for women and girls who love trendy dress.Keechos has introduced its latest Keechos formal wear dresses 2014 for women recently, Keechos beautiful collection has overstated with heavily stitching and lace work…… The colors used for this collection are bright shade.Keechos formal wear dresses 2014 have decorated with modernity and high ends. These dresses are ideal for wedding function and parties. Their edging styles are lovey but simple. The long shirts, maxis and rocks are include in this collection of Keechos. Keechos is a fashion label who has designed so many collection and their every collection has adorned with high ends and modernity.This beautiful collection by Keechos here below.

Formal Dresses 2013-2014 for Girls

Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique1-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-1-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-2-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-3-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-4-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-5-200x200So In These Collection there is good embroidery worked on longs shirts according to the latest fashion and demand of the market. The Dabaka Work And Bnarasi lace also used in some dresses. Girls used Churidar Pajama,Trousar and Plazzo also with these log shirts instead gharara. The fabrics used for formal wear dresses for girls will include chiffon, silk, georgette and other such premium fabrics…….. The Color Contrast is also so attractive.Women and girls need at least one formal wear dress in their wardrobes in order to look gorgeous at weddings. They therefore, create a lot of fuss when buying formal wear dresses. As stated earlier, women wear western wear formal dresses and traditional formal dresses. Apart from the traditional formal dresses mentioned above, women use sarees and lehengas for formal wear also. Thus, these types of stylish dresses are also included in formal wear collections of different designers and brand. There are many designers and brands in Pakistan that offer formal wear dresses.

Winter Suits Collection for Women

Winter-Suites-Collection-for-Women-by-Natasha-Couture-1-200x200 Winter-Suites-Collection-for-Women-by-Natasha-Couture-3-200x200 Winter-Suites-Collection-for-Women-by-Natasha-Couture-4-200x200 Winter-Suites-Collection-for-Women-by-Natasha-Couture-5-200x200 Winter-Suites-Collection-for-Women-by-Natasha-Couture-6-200x200 Winter-Suites-Collection-for-Women-by-Natasha-Couture-200x200This trend becomes more popular in northern countries like UK, U.S.A, but the ratio is much higher in Asia. This winter suites collection made of cotton, silk, chiffon. Moreover, by lasses, stylish buttons, ribbons the grace of winter Salwar Kameez suites becomes more decorative and attractive. Meanwhile, the Asian clothing brands produce wide range of Natasha Couture winter suites for women. The independent women prefer winter collection…… for parties and other occasions in the United Kingdom fashion industry.Winter Suites Collection for Women by Natasha Couture Asian community who lives in foreign prefers Natasha Couture Designer Women suites and by the preference of them the demand of Salwar Kameez works high in foreign and foreign designers on it. By this the trend of Natasha Couture rises in foreign. The trend of Indian fashion gradually increases by latest fashion techniques. Usage of salwar kameez is more than other dresses. By latest fashion techniques, Natasha Couture designer design winter suites for children also which attracts customers towards them. Now-a-days, online stores provide a facility for customers to access them and know about the new fashion.

Rizwan Moazzam Bridal Wear Collection

Rizwan-Moazzam-Bridal-Wear-Collection-2013-For-Women-1-200x200 Rizwan-Moazzam-Bridal-Wear-Collection-2013-For-Women-2-200x200 Rizwan-Moazzam-Bridal-Wear-Collection-2013-For-Women-3-200x200 Rizwan-Moazzam-Bridal-Wear-Collection-2013-For-Women-4-200x200 Rizwan-Moazzam-Bridal-Wear-Collection-2013-For-Women-5-200x200 Rizwan-Moazzam-Bridal-Wear-Collection-2013-For-Women-6-200x200Rizwan and Moazzam has launched their own fashion label named as Rizwan Moazzam Bridal wear collection 2013. Rizwan Moazzam has been working in year 2009.Rizwan and Moazzam has recently released Rizwan Moazzam bridal wear collection 2013 for women and girls. Rizwan Moazzam bridal wear collection 2013 are consist of wear lehangas and shararas for upcoming wedding season. Rizwan Moazzam bridal wear collection 2013 are included lehangas and shararas with long shirts in different stitching styles.The embellishment of embroidery on all over the dress makes the dresses perfect for brides.The colors used for them are red, maroon, ferozi, pink and etc etc which are perfect for both wedding and valima occasion. Wedding season is coming just a day after of Eid-Ul-Fitr 2013. Look at this collection by Rizwan Moazzam here below.

Minahil & Eleaza Espléndido Eid Dresses

Minahil-Eleaza-Eid-Art-Collection-2013-for-Women-01-200x200 Minahil-Eleaza-Eid-Art-Collection-2013-for-Women-02-200x200 Minahil-Eleaza-Eid-Art-Collection-2013-for-Women-04-200x200 Minahil-Eleaza-Eid-Art-Collection-2013-for-Women-05-200x200 Minahil-Eleaza-Eid-Art-Collection-2013-for-Women-06-200x200 Minahil-Eleaza-Eid-Art-Collection-2013-for-Women-09-200x200After successful launch of summer collection 2013 by Minahil & Eleaza currently they’re come back with Minahil & Eleaza latest Eid dresses 2013 for girls. This Collection has consists of ready to wear dresses, long shirts along with trousers, salwar & dupattas. Dresses are embellished with embroidery, motifs & buttons. vivacious & bold colours are used like red, brown, purple, yellow & white during this Collection. Dresses are very affordable & each girl will afford them simply with none worry. you’ll be able to wear these dresses on each casual & formal occasions. costs are traditional and one will simply afford them.Minahil & Eleaza are 2 fashion designers has emerged on scene of fashion sinceyear 2012. Minahil & Eleaza have launched such a big amount of collection for casual wear, party wear and formal wear for each season.
Black malai lawn shirt with bunches of ivory block print on the panels followed by a lace neckline with pearl and stone buttons. Minahil and Eleaza ladies garments 2013 have designed with absolutely inventive look. they’re conjointly excellent for casual wear, if you like trendy outfits for your wardrobe. All the girls and women weill like this summer eid casual dress collection. Let’s see the photo of Minahil & Eleaza Espléndido Eid Dresses 2013 for Women…

Launch of Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World

Hadiqa Kiani finally take the entry in fashion industry of Pakistan. In this summer she launched her own clothing brand with the name of “Hadika Kiani Fabric World”. She made the peoples happy after launching the clothing collection. Here in this post you can seen the inauguration of Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World and spring summer collection 2013. Pakistan’s top celebrities are attending the opening occasion of Haqida Kiani clothing brand. You can seen the exclusive Lawn and Chiffon prints limited stock in this collection. Hadiqa Kiani fabric world is all about colors, inspiration and fusion. Hadiqa Kiani finally take the entry in fashion industry of Pakistan. In this summer she launched her own clothing brand with the name of “Hadika Kiani Fabric World”. She made the peoples happy after launching the clothing collection. Here in this post you can seen the inauguration of Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World and spring summer collection 2013. Pakistan’s top celebrities are attending the opening occasion of Haqida Kiani clothing brand. You can seen the exclusive Lawn and Chiffon prints limited stock in this collection. Hadiqa Kiani fabric world is all about colors, inspiration and fusion

Sawan Mid Summer Collection 2014-15

sawan-mid-summer-collection-2014-15-by-orient-textiles-1-200x200 sawan-mid-summer-collection-2014-15-by-orient-textiles-8-200x200 sawan-mid-summer-collection-2014-15-by-orient-textiles-10-200x200 sawan-mid-summer-collection-2014-15-by-orient-textiles-12-200x200 sawan-mid-summer-collection-2014-15-by-orient-textiles-17-200x200 sawan-mid-summer-collection-2014-15-by-orient-textiles-20-200x200Orient Textile launched their new collection by the name of ”Orient Textiles Sawan Collection 2014 for Mid Summer & Eid”.Orient Textiles Sawan Collection 2014 is now in stores. Some pictures from orient textiles sawan mid summer collection 2014 are given here….. This collection is consists of girl’s kurtis. These designer kurtis are looking very rich because of classic prints and traditional embellishments of embroideries. Very beautiful and attractive colour are used in these dresses. These dresses are fabulous for party wear, casual wear and formal wear as well as summer wear. Very bright colour are used like Green,Red,Pink,Blue,Black and so many colours. All the dresses of orient sawan collection 2014 are perfect for the upcoming festival of Eid-Ul-Adha. The dresses are filled with lots of colours and jubilation of Eid.

Puri Textile Mid Summer Collection 2014-15

puri-textiles-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-1-200x200 puri-textiles-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-2-200x200 puri-textiles-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-3-200x200 puri-textiles-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-4-200x200 puri-textiles-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-5-200x200 puri-textiles-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-6-200x200Here in this post we are share with you a collection 2014-15 of mid summer season by Puri Textiles. Puri Textiles Premium Embroidered Chiffon Lawn Collection for Eid ul Azha 2014-15 is in stores now. The Puri Textiles mid summer collection consists of Long Shirts, A-line Shirts pair with trousers, churidar pajama and tights. These are displayed here…… dresses embellishment with traditional embroidery work makes women gorgeous. All these exclusive outfits are perfect for you every occasions. All the clothes in the collection are great for wearing to office, at college or even at home. These mid summer lawn suits are perfect for party wear and casual wear. So, if you want formals and casuals, check out Puri Textiles mid summer and eid ul azha dresses 2014-15 for women.

Nida Ali Eid Dresses Collection 2014

Nida-Ali-Eid-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Womens-1-200x200 Nida-Ali-Eid-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Womens-2-200x200 Nida-Ali-Eid-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Womens-3-200x200 Nida-Ali-Eid-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Womens-4-200x200 Nida-Ali-Eid-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Womens-5-200x200 Nida-Ali-Eid-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Womens-183x200This time, Nida Ali has launched modern and fashionable Nida Ali Eid Dresses Collection 2014 For Womens.In this gathering, you can discover silk and chiffon flowing shirts, drop corner shirts, extra long shirts have been exclusively set with Capri, mid trousers, mid pants, and jeans…..Nida Ali has especially launched this gorgeous dress gathering for the imminent Muslim’s religious festival, yes! we are talking about Eid-Ul-Azha / Eid-Ul-Adha.

Thredz New Eid ul Adha Collection

thredz-new-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-15-www.pakistyle-2-200x200 thredz-new-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-15-www.pakistyle-3-200x200 thredz-new-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-15-www.pakistyle-4-200x200 thredz-new-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-15-www.pakistyle-5-200x200 thredz-new-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-15-www.pakistyle-6-200x200 thredz-new-eid-ul-adha-collection-2014-15-www.pakistyle-9-200x200It has some really nice kurtas and shirts. These dresses can wear with jeans, pajamas and tights for this mid summer and eid ul adha. There are mostly kurtas and shirts with nice embroidery in Thredz eid ul Azha collection 2014-15. All dresses in Thredz eid collection are adorned with lovely colors like green, brown, ferozi and so many multi colors….. These will be suitable for older women, who prefer such colors. So, if you want nice eid ul Azha dresses, the stylish dresses in Thredz eid ul Azha collection 2014-15 for women are perfect. These dresses best for casual wear, party wear and summer wear also. Lets have a look at this collection 2014 for eid ul azha festive.

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