Teena By Hina Butt Spring Collection

Teena-By-Hina-Butt-Spring-Dresses-2013-For-Girls Teena-By-Hina-Butt-Spring-Dresses-2013-For-Girls-1 Teena-By-Hina-Butt-Spring-Dresses-2013-For-Girls-2 Teena-By-Hina-Butt-Spring-Dresses-2013-For-Girls-3 Teena-By-Hina-Butt-Spring-Dresses-2013-For-Girls-4Teena By Hina Butt is one of Pakistan’s most promising young designers who in an extremely short span of time has created a niche for herself. Freshly, Teena By Hina Butt has launched Spring Digital Prints Collection 2013 for girls.The collection has casual wear dresses with shirts and churidaars. The shirts in all the dresses of the collection are printed. There seem to digital prints on the shirts since they look like paintings. Cuts & styles of the dresses is very inspiring. You can wear these sparkling dresses as formal wear, party wear & casual wear. Give a closer look…

Teena by Hina Butt New Formal Dresses

Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Winter-Formal-Dresses-2014-1-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Winter-Formal-Dresses-2014-2-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Winter-Formal-Dresses-2014-3-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Winter-Formal-Dresses-2014-4-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Winter-Formal-Dresses-2014-5-200x200 Teena-by-Hina-Butt-Winter-Formal-Dresses-2014-12-200x200Neha Ahmed is the brand ambassador for Teena by Hina Butt collection 2014. Let’s give a quick look at the latest and exclusive Formal wear collection 2014 for by Teena by Hina Butt. If you want info on the stylish dresses, you can get it by calling or emailing the designer……. The email address and phone number through which you can contact Tena Durrani for finding out about Teena by Hina Butt latest formal wear collection 2014 for women are given.Teena by Hina Butt is the name of quality with stylishness and elegance. This female fashion designer is known world wide for hen fashionable dresses for women and girls. Designer Hina Butt having a passion for fashion is the fresh addition to the Pakistani industry. With her unique and youthful designs, she has gained success in a short period of time and will soon be achieving heights in the years to come. Teena by Hina Butt offers Eastern Formals, Semi-formals, Casual tops, Lawn kurtas , Embroidery shirts.

Kangna Ranaut By Buy Indian Wear Anarkali

Indian-Actress-Kangna-Ranaut-By-Buy-Indian-Wear-Anarkali-Suits-2014-2-200x200 Indian-Actress-Kangna-Ranaut-By-Buy-Indian-Wear-Anarkali-Suits-2014-3-200x200 Indian-Actress-Kangna-Ranaut-By-Buy-Indian-Wear-Anarkali-Suits-2014-4-200x200 Indian-Actress-Kangna-Ranaut-By-Buy-Indian-Wear-Anarkali-Suits-2014-5-200x200 Indian-Actress-Kangna-Ranaut-By-Buy-Indian-Wear-Anarkali-Suits-2014-11-200x200 Indian-Actress-Kangna-Ranaut-By-Buy-Indian-Wear-Anarkali-Suits-2014-13-200x200Today in this article we are offering you Indian Actress Kangna Ranaut By Buy Indian Wear Anarkali Suits 2014. Buy Indian Wear Anarkali Suits 2014 have been showcased recently. Buy Indian Wear presents you latest design and Indian design. Buy Indian Wear belongs to Ahmadabad Gujarat……. It has has been happening its fashion carear on April 11, 2010. Buy Indian Wear anarkali suits are looking most beautiful and stunning collection.These anarkali suits are ideal and perfect for party wear and wedding wear. Kangna Ranaut is regularly used fashion dress in south Asia particularly in India. The main product lines of these collections are anarkali frocks,shalwar kameez,suits,Indian saree,wedding saree, embroidered saree and Indian traditional wear. Buy Indian Wear used many different bright and dazzling colors.We are sure that women will must select these Indian Actress Kangna Ranaut By Buy Indian Wear Anarkali Suits 2014.We are providing you some useful information about this clothing brand.

Collection of Popular Style Winter 2013-14

Popular-Stylesh-Winter-Collection-2013-14-1-200x200 Popular-Stylesh-Winter-Collection-2013-14-4-200x200 Popular-Stylesh-Winter-Collection-2013-14-6-200x200 Popular-Stylesh-Winter-Collection-2013-14-7-200x200 Popular-Stylesh-Winter-Collection-2013-14-10-200x200 Popular-Stylesh-Winter-Collection-2013-14-11-200x200Popular style recently launched , new collection winter collection 2013 – 14.Popular Style Outlets Cambric Winter Collection 2013 is now available in the popular . Popular style fashion brand is famous and known to Pakistan , which reached the heights of success in very less time .This fully decorated with beautiful engravings and embroidery. This winter collection consists of a line of shirts , Salwar Kameez, long shirts , Churidar pajamas…. Fiza Ali is an ambassador for the popular brand Cambric 2013 Style Collection. Popular style fashion is very famous in Pakistan scale . Batiste fabric used in this collection of winter. This is a collection that has been decorated with bright colors like red , pink , blue , green , beige , etc. All these dresses are stunning looking in their styles of sewing beautiful . Popular style is a trademark of the popular group support that makes the clothing line for customer satisfaction for many years.All dresses are ready to wear clothes, semi formal and formal and informal employees clothing for women at the Festival . all these dresses are very pretty to look at .

Maysoon Summer Party Dresses

Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-1-200x200 Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-2-200x200 Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-4-200x200 Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-6-200x200 Maysoon-Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-and-Girls-11-200x200 Summer-Party-Dresses-2014-For-Women-by-Maysoon-7-200x200Maysoon is one of the largest manufacturer and retailer of women’s fancy garments in Pakistan. Maysoon brand was launched in 2000 and in a short period of time we created a fashion revolution with our exquisite designing and chic image; evident in all our lines from casuals, party-wear to bridals…… We now serve a diverse South Asian clientele around the world. Just like the previous year this year as well Maysoon is all back with their remarkable collection of party dresses 2014 for women. This party wear collection 2014 is all set inside the category of the casual wear dresses designs but at the same time this collection is even added with the party outfits too. All the dresses have been carrying out with the appearance of long straight shirts plus A line shirts too. Each one of the dress design stitching is done in brilliant and fine looking way by making the use of premium stuff. In all the dresses the brand house has made the exceptional use of embroidery plus little blending flavors of printing too.

Chen One Digital Printed Dresses

Chen-One-Casual-wear-Digital-Printed-outfits-2014-collection-1-200x200 Chen-One-Casual-wear-Digital-Printed-outfits-2014-collection-2-200x200 Chen-One-Casual-wear-Digital-Printed-outfits-2014-collection-3-200x200 Chen-One-Casual-wear-Digital-Printed-outfits-2014-collection-4-200x200 Chen-One-Casual-wear-Digital-Printed-outfits-2014-collection-5-200x200 Chen-One-Casual-wear-Digital-Printed-outfits-2014-collection-6-200x200Chen One is phenomenally a lifestyle fashion store chain. Chen One is intercepted as a subsidiary of the Chenab Group, a Faisalabad based colossal conglomerate, which is always at the rear of this prosperous brand. Chen One offers both eastern and western type dresses for every one…… Chen One is a fashion label who has been working in the field of fashion since year2010. With all the brand repose, Chen One is continued to consummating all the dispositions of a classic existence. Chen One Home, Chen One Pretty Fit, Chen One Pareesa, Chen One Kid’s wear and Chen One Men’s wear are the product of Chen One.

Almirah New Summer Arrivals

almirah-new-summer-arrivals-2014-for-girls-women-2-200x200 almirah-new-summer-arrivals-2014-for-girls-women-3-200x200 almirah-new-summer-arrivals-2014-for-girls-women-5-200x200 almirah-new-summer-arrivals-2014-for-girls-women-6-200x200 almirah-new-summer-arrivals-2014-for-girls-women-7-200x200Almirah is an eastern clothing brand for both genders, covering formal, semi-formal and casual wear type. The product range includes Men’s Classic, executive & Funky Kurta’s, Ladies Abaya’s, Kurtis & formal suits. Almirah was Launched in August 2012. In very little time of their launching they have acquired a good response from fashion lovers. Almirah is a fashion brand that offers clothing casual clothing dresses for women…… Almirah offers seasonal and casual dresses in trendy designs.This collection included beautiful Digital Printed design with very attractive colors combination. Almirah Summer Collection 2014 includes long shirts with pencil trousers, palazzo pants etc. The fabric quality is good like always. Most of the suits are premium lawn suits that can be used for evening wear in addition to casual wear. Now take a look on spring summer lawn collection 2014.

Womens Mid Summer Collection

Womens-Mid-Summer-Collection-By-Mishaal-Moazzam-2013-1-200x200 Womens-Mid-Summer-Collection-By-Mishaal-Moazzam-2013-3-200x200 Womens-Mid-Summer-Collection-By-Mishaal-Moazzam-2013-4-200x200 Womens-Mid-Summer-Collection-By-Mishaal-Moazzam-2013-7-200x200 Womens-Mid-Summer-Collection-By-Mishaal-Moazzam-2013-9-200x200 Womens-Mid-Summer-Collection-By-Mishaal-Moazzam-2013-11-200x200Mishaal Moazzam released a new collection shows some wear and party dresses 2013 casual wear for women. Apparel and other products featured in the collection long shirt, shirt, jacket, pants, tights and matching dancing. The dresses are embroidered with lace work and necklines. The colors used in the costumes of two tone and bright. They are abstract and show some balls too. The design is embellished with a little western touch and they are attractive. Every girl dreams of having the dresses in her wardrobe.MASHAAL Moazzam is a designer from Lahore and has established a position in the fashion industry with the unusual color combination of her with classic lines and colors unorthodox. It starts with semi formals and then split into bridal and formal. The cut and details of the costumes are widely appreciated as women of all ages feel comfortable wearing it. The costume is available in the L’Atelier Lahore, Lahore Tehxeeb, L’Atelier Islamabad, Islamabad and pashu AP Gallerie store brands Multan.On all, Mishaal Moazzam and the normal wear collection 2013 is a collection great episode, especially for young women and girls.

Jugaan Formal Wear New Collection

Formal-Wear-New-Collection-September-2013-For-Ladies-01-200x200 Formal-Wear-New-Collection-September-2013-For-Ladies-03-200x200 Formal-Wear-New-Collection-September-2013-For-Ladies-04-200x200 Formal-Wear-New-Collection-September-2013-For-Ladies-05-200x200 Formal-Wear-New-Collection-September-2013-For-Ladies-09-200x200 Formal-Wear-New-Collection-September-2013-For-Ladies-11-200x200Jugaan has recently unveiled Formal Wear New Collection 2013 For Women and ladies. Jugaan offers Bridal Wear, Casual Wear, Formal Wear and Semi Formal dresses for women and womens. Jugaan could be a brand by Shaista Wajahat designer. Shaista Wajahat designer is well-known and most tight fashion brand within the world wide and supported this whole in 1995. Wajahat planning beneath label “Jugaan” inherited some qualities from her father…In 1995, Shazia who is fastidiously analysis minded, nature caressing, planned her to be a fashion style Shazia Wajahat is extremely abundant optimistic, well committed together with her profession and each day she createsstyles beside different vogue and cuts, by creating sketches. Jungaan Latest Jungaan Formal wear collection 2013 / Jungaan Party Wear collection 2013 for ladies & girls who love trendy dresses for wedding ceremony. The Party outfits Collection is envisioning with the long shirts with the pairing of garment and churidar pajamas.
All the bridal dresses are adorned out with the embroidery, motifs, dabka and zari pattern strokes. Check below their latest Formal Wear dresses Collection 2013 by Jugaan. The ladies can like to set thisCollection for the parties, wedding functions and formal gatherings. In easy this Jugaan formal Collection 2013 has been lots magnificent and far tempting looking for the ladies. Now it’s time to see the photos of Jugaan Formal Wear New fall Collection 2013 For Women…

Origins Anniversary Sale New Collection

Origins-Anniversary-Sale-New-Collection-2014-Now-in-Stores-2-200x200 Origins-Anniversary-Sale-New-Collection-2014-Now-in-Stores-3-200x200 Origins-Anniversary-Sale-New-Collection-2014-Now-in-Stores-6-200x200 Origins-Anniversary-Sale-New-Collection-2014-Now-in-Stores-8-200x200 Origins-Anniversary-Sale-New-Collection-2014-Now-in-Stores-9-200x200 Origins-Anniversary-Sale-New-Collection-2014-Now-in-Stores-16-200x200One of the brightest retail brands Pakistani mothers was recently awarded as the “Brand of the Year ‘ by Brand Asia. Glorifying the principal source time Suleman Pervez was awarded well as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Origin. Origins launched in 2010, are the brain of a creative child Ayesha Mansoor and Suleman Pervez and from the beginning to date is considered one of the most sought after brands in the fashion industry to by Pakistan’s lower. Origins thrive in designs ready -to-use they are exquisite and extraordinary diverse market for Pakistani consumption.During the four-year period Origins has become one of the leading brands of Pakistan by pursuing niche in both casual and semi-formal clothing with elegance and personality…… Origins defines his concept so new and exclusively designed for consumers with ensuring that each piece is sewn with exclusive and quality assurance , as well as calling on the trends in the fashion industry that changes quickly. Sources success is marked by his 35 points successful sales across Pakistan with many more opening soon.

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