Celebrities Honored in U.K with Pakistan Achievement Awards

Javed-Sheikh-receiving-Award-3-534x800 Javed-Sheikh-in-PAA-2-600x400 Humayun-Saeed-receiving-Achievement-Award-1-535x800 Annie-in-PAA-5-600x400 Aamir-Khan-in-PAA-4-600x430Celebrities: Javed Sheikh, Humayoon Saeed & Boxer Amir Khan Honored in U.K with Pakistan Achievement Awards…

Actress Anoushay Abbasi Birthday Pictures

Anoushay-Abbasi-celebrating-her-birthday-5 Anoushay-Abbasi-celebrating-her-birthday-4 Anoushay-Abbasi-celebrating-her-birthday-3 Anoushay-Abbasi-celebrating-her-birthday-2 Anoushay-Abbasi-celebrating-her-birthday-1-600x596Watch Actress Anoushay Abbasi Birthday Pictures…

Gul Ahmed Corduroy for Winter Collection 2015-2016

gul-ahmed-corduroy-winter-collection-2016-10 gul-ahmed-corduroy-winter-collection-2016-9 gul-ahmed-corduroy-winter-collection-2016-8 gul-ahmed-corduroy-winter-collection-2016-3 gul-ahmed-corduroy-winter-collection-2016-1Gul Ahmed has launched its latest and exclusive Autumn Winter Collection 2015-2016 for women. In this collection you will find exclusive and stunning dresses in pure Corduroy clothes.

‘Sohai Ali Abro’ Latest Pictures after Film “Jawani Phir Nahi Aani”

Sohai_91 Sohai_61 Sohai_51 Sohai_31 Sohai_21Watch ‘Sohai Ali Abro’ Latest Pictures after Film “Jawani Phir Nahi Aani”…

Iman Ali Latest Photoshoot for Metro Shoes

Iman-Ali-7-518x800 Iman-Ali-6-557x800 Iman-Ali-5-402x800 Iman-Ali-4-534x800 Iman-Ali-3-534x800Watch Iman Ali Latest Photoshoot for Metro Shoes Pictures…

Pakistani Actor Ahsan Khan Visit to India

Ahsan-Khan-visits-India-444 Ahsan-Khan-visits-India-111-600x360 Ahsan-Khan-tour-to-India-555 Ahsan-Khan-in-India-333 Ahsan-Khan-in-India-222Watch Pakistani Actor Ahsan Khan Visit to India Pictures…

Bushra Ansari’s Daughter Meera Ansari Wedding Pictures

Bushra-Ansari’s-Daughter-Meera-Ansari-15-548x800 Bushra-Ansari’s-Daughter-Meera-Ansari-11-600x467 Bushra-Ansari’s-Daughter-Meera-Ansari-5-600x467 Bushra-Ansari’s-Daughter-Meera-Ansari-4-600x467 Bushra-Ansari’s-Daughter-Meera-Ansari-2-600x467 Bushra-Ansari’s-Daughter-Meera-Ansari-1Watch Bushra Ansari’s Daughter Meera Ansari Wedding Pictures…

Most Beautiful Pakistani Wedding Dresses For Girls – 2016

pret-wedding-dress-26-533x800 dresses-for-weddings-in-2016-7-533x800 best-wedding-dress-for-girls-22-533x800 best-wedding-dresses-for-girls--533x800 best-dress-for-wedding-10-533x800 best-designer-wedding-dress-14-533x800A wedding is a special event in which all people wear formal clothes and everybody tries his/her best to look elegant and glamorous.

Resham Ghar Winter Collection For Women – 2015

Resham-Ghar-Winter-Collection-2015-For-Women911-600x424 Resham-Ghar-Winter-Collection-2015-For-Women0012-600x424 Resham-Ghar-Winter-Collection-2015-For-Women0010-600x424 Resham-Ghar-Winter-Collection-2015-For-Women008-600x424 Resham-Ghar-Winter-Collection-2015-For-Women002-600x424Designs have been put forward as in a simple and unique way that is appearing with the flavors of the embroidery and taste work of the lace and thread. Checking out the lovely pictures of Resham Ghar winter collection 2015 for women!

Orient Textiles Linen Collection For Women – 2015

This collection has been perfect designed for the women of all age groups and teenage level. For the readers here comes some pictures from the album of Orient Textiles linen collection 2015 for women.

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