Resham Bazaar Winter Collection

Resham-Bazaar-Winter-Collection-2013-14-for-Women-1-200x200 Resham-Bazaar-Winter-Collection-2013-14-for-Women-2-200x200 Resham-Bazaar-Winter-Collection-2013-14-for-Women-3-200x200 Resham-Bazaar-Winter-Collection-2013-14-for-Women-4-200x200 Resham-Bazaar-Winter-Collection-2013-14-for-Women-5-200x200 Resham-Bazaar-Winter-Collection-2013-14-for-Women-6-200x200Dresses by Resham Bazaar are worldwide well-known especially by the young girls. In UK, USA, Canada and Australia women likes to wear dressesby this fashion brand.The color combinations are very marvelously contrasted and collective to make a combo of graceful and good-looking. The prints where ever involved include patterns of floral, geometrical and classical designs. The complete apparel includes long shirts or kalidar frocks with tight leggings, trousers or churidaralong with a cool chiffon dupatta.

Designer Zara Shahjahan Fashion Wear

Zara-Shahjahan-Fashion-Wear-Summer-Catalog-2013-For-Women-1-200x200 Zara-Shahjahan-Fashion-Wear-Summer-Catalog-2013-For-Women-2-200x200 Zara-Shahjahan-Fashion-Wear-Summer-Catalog-2013-For-Women-4-200x200 Zara-Shahjahan-Fashion-Wear-Summer-Catalog-2013-For-Women-5-200x200 Zara-Shahjahan-Fashion-Wear-Summer-Catalog-2013-For-Women-6-200x200 Zara-Shahjahan-Fashion-Wear-Summer-Catalog-2013-For-Women-200x200We are sharing some beautiful fashion wear dresses by Zara Shahjahan. Zara Shahjahan commenced her design career in 2004 afterward graduating from the prestigious National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore. Over the years her design house has grown beyond borders for her understanding of different cultural genres of style. Zara has opened her flagship store in her home town of Lahore in the year 2012. Zara Shahjahan is enthusiastic about all vintage which she blends with her own exclusive style mantra. Zara Shahjahan new collection entitled ‘Pretty Please’ at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 was a materialization of feminine vintage floral prints. Zara Shahjahan also Nominated for the best newcomer in fashion at lux style awards. Her couture collections are extravagantly detailed with gara embroideries, swarovski crystals, and other cultural hand crafted embellishments. Beautifully embellished summer party wear dresses are founde in this fashion collection Zara Shahjahan. Let’s see the images for Zara Shahjahan Fashion Wear Summer Catalog 2013 for women.

Zaheer Abbas Formal Dresses

Zaheer-Abbas-Formal-Dresses-For-Men-Women-1-200x200 Zaheer-Abbas-Formal-Dresses-For-Men-Women-2-200x200 Zaheer-Abbas-Formal-Dresses-For-Men-Women-3-200x200 Zaheer-Abbas-Formal-Dresses-For-Men-Women-4-200x200 Zaheer-Abbas-Formal-Dresses-For-Men-Women-5-200x200 Zaheer-Abbas-Formal-Dresses-For-Men-Women-6-200x200Zaheer Abbas has launched recently Zaheer Abbas formal 2014 dresses for women and girls.In this collection, you will find stunning stylish dresses Zaheer Abbas has embellished….. these dresses with full of elegant looks and styles.These all dresses have adorned with modernity and high ends.This collection has consists of sherwani , shalwar kameez , shararas and lehanags with shirts and choli for for men and women.Their bright shades of red, blue, maroon, black, brown, white and etc makes them more beautiful and

Formal Dresses 2013-2014 for Girls by Firdous

Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique1-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-1-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-2-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-3-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-4-200x200 Formal-Dresses-2013-2014-for-Girls-by-Firdous-Boutique-6-200x200So In These Collection there is good embroidery worked on longs shirts according to the latest fashion and demand of the market. The Dabaka Work And Bnarasi lace also used in some dresses. Girls used Churidar Pajama,Trousar and Plazzo also with these log shirts instead gharara. The fabrics used for formal wear dresses for girls will include chiffon, silk, georgette and other such premium fabrics…….. The Color Contrast is also so attractive.Women and girls need at least one formal wear dress in their wardrobes in order to look gorgeous at weddings. They therefore, create a lot of fuss when buying formal wear dresses. As stated earlier, women wear western wear formal dresses and traditional formal dresses. Apart from the traditional formal dresses mentioned above, women use sarees and lehengas for formal wear also. Thus, these types of stylish dresses are also included in formal wear collections of different designers and brand. There are many designers and brands in Pakistan that offer formal wear dresses.

Pasho Party Wear Dresses / Eid Collection

Pasho-Party-Wear-Dresses-Eid-Collection-2013-for-Women-1-200x200 Pasho-Party-Wear-Dresses-Eid-Collection-2013-for-Women-2-200x200 Pasho-Party-Wear-Dresses-Eid-Collection-2013-for-Women-4-200x200 Pasho-Party-Wear-Dresses-Eid-Collection-2013-for-Women-5-200x200 Pasho-Party-Wear-Dresses-Eid-Collection-2013-for-Women-6-200x200 Pasho-Party-Wear-Dresses-Eid-Collection-2013-for-Women-9-200x200Pasho brand is a very famous fashion brand.Pasho party wear eid dresses collection 2013 for women and girls has recently launched.Pasho party wear eid dresses collection 2013 are include long shirts, coats, palazzos and tights. The clothes are such that women of today will surely love them.These clothes among Pasho party wear dresses 2013 for eid are made of chamoise silk, net, lace, chiffon and other luxurious fabrics. There are stylish dresses for women of different age groups in the collection. Pasho party wear eid dresses collection 2013 are attractive and their designs are made as per the prevailing fashion. Let’s see picture of this Pasho party wear dresses 2013 for eid here below.

Mahnoor Exclusive Summer Eid Wear

Mahnoor-Exclusive-Summer-Eid-Wear-Collection-2014-by-Al-Zohaib-1-200x200 Mahnoor-Exclusive-Summer-Eid-Wear-Collection-2014-by-Al-Zohaib-2-200x200 Mahnoor-Exclusive-Summer-Eid-Wear-Collection-2014-by-Al-Zohaib-3-200x200 Mahnoor-Exclusive-Summer-Eid-Wear-Collection-2014-by-Al-Zohaib-4-200x200 Mahnoor-Exclusive-Summer-Eid-Wear-Collection-2014-by-Al-Zohaib-12-200x200 Mahnoor-Exclusive-Summer-Eid-Wear-Collection-2014-by-Al-Zohaib-200x200Mahnoor exclusive summer Eid wear Collection 2014 by Al-Zohaib Textile were released freshly. These collections are made of lawn and are quite appropriate for the summer season. The dresses of the collection are conservative and most of them are printed. There is so many dissimilar designs in many different color variations. Therefore, we think that many girls will find appropriate stylish dresses with designs that they like in this collection. Thus, we consider that the dresses will be as well-received as the previous Mahnoor collection by Al-Zohaib Textile. You should check out the collection of Mahnoor exclusive summer Eid wear Collection 2014 by Al-Zohaib Textile…….. Al-Zohaib Textile is a textile firm that has been around for more than a decade.It offers fabrics. Fabrics for women only are provided by the brand. It releases both embroidered and normal outfits. The company is quite well-known for its quality textiles that it offers at relatively low prices. It comes up with lots of new designs every year. These outfits are provided through different fabric shops within the country. Thus, you can get nice collections by Al-Zohaib Textile easily.

Women’s Ferozeh Eid Ul Azha Dresses

Womens-Ferozeh-Eid-Ul-Azha-Dresses-Collection-2013-1-200x200 Womens-Ferozeh-Eid-Ul-Azha-Dresses-Collection-2013-2-200x200 Womens-Ferozeh-Eid-Ul-Azha-Dresses-Collection-2013-3-200x200 Womens-Ferozeh-Eid-Ul-Azha-Dresses-Collection-2013-4-200x200 Womens-Ferozeh-Eid-Ul-Azha-Dresses-Collection-2013-7-200x200 Womens-Ferozeh-Eid-Ul-Azha-Dresses-Collection-2013-10-200x200Ferozeh considered newly established and emerging fashion brand in Pakistan. Basically , Ferozeh is an emerging brand clothing for women and it was established in 2012. The main task of this brand to provide elegant dresses for all ages of women .
The main product line of the brand ‘s fashion Ferozeh casual wear , formal wear , party wear . All collections are introduced by Ferozeh stitch design latest style . Since 2012….. every holiday season and it has launched various collections of it .
For Eid – ul – Azha , the brand is back with its latest collection.
Recently launched Ferozeh latest and exclusive collection of Eid – ul – Azha 2013 for women . This Eid Collection 2013 is designed with the latest styles and looks .
All the costumes are beautiful and elegant Eid . Ferozeh have embellished this Eid Collection 2013 with embroidery work and print work . Ferozeh Eid ul Azha 2013 collection includes trendy and stylish as the latest stage of long sleeves shirt and short pants , churidaar pajamas and palazzo pants .
If we talk about colors Ferozeh then use dark colors like red , blue , purple etc. The Eid dresses are perfect for casual wear and party wear is even better . We would like to mention is Ferozeh always introduced his collection of ready -to-wear form . Similar collections Eid 2013 is also the stage in the form of ready to wear .
Some pictures of Ferozeh Eid ul Azha collection 2013 for women is given below. So women and girls to wear palazzo pants long with them on this Eid to buy at least one outfit from the collection Ferozeh . In general , we can say that Ferozeh Eid ul Azha 2013 collection is elegant and decent…

Beautiful Designer Indian Bridal Wear

Beautiful-Indian-Bridal-Wear-Dresses-UK-2014.-200x200 Beautiful-Indian-Bridal-Wear-Dresses-UK-2014-2-200x200 Beautiful-Indian-Bridal-Wear-Dresses-UK-2014-6-200x200 Beautiful-Indian-Bridal-Wear-Dresses-UK-2014-7-200x200 Beautiful-Indian-Bridal-Wear-Dresses-UK-2014-8-200x200 Beautiful-Indian-Bridal-Wear-Dresses-UK-2014-9-200x200These fashion dresses for Bridals are quite famous in both regions and fashion designers from both countries are busy in designing these bridal fashion dresses and moreover, these bridal fashion dresses are having the unique color combinations and latest styles with some hand work like printing and Selma Sitara work…….These fashion dresses are quite in demand as they are attractive and have the best design ever in the history of fashion for Bridals as well. These designs contain the fresh and new look which wants to get avail at first sight. This sort of new and major participation of designers in making branded designs and stylish embroidery for Bridals.

Pakistani Casual Kurties Collection

Latest-Pakistani-Kurties-With-Churidar-Collection-2013-by-Classic-Creations-01-200x200 Latest-Pakistani-Kurties-With-Churidar-Collection-2013-by-Classic-Creations-02-200x200 Latest-Pakistani-Kurties-With-Churidar-Collection-2013-by-Classic-Creations-03-200x200 Latest-Pakistani-Kurties-With-Churidar-Collection-2013-by-Classic-Creations-05-200x200 Latest-Pakistani-Kurties-With-Churidar-Collection-2013-by-Classic-Creations-06-200x200 Latest-Pakistani-Kurties-With-Churidar-Collection-2013-by-Classic-Creations-10-200x200Womem With Churidar Collection 2013 is a new catalog with new Pakistani fashion trends. Blue, Red, Yellow and pink kurties with churidar fashion are include in this collection. These formal kurties can be wear on party festival orcasual wear. Classic CreationsSummer kurties are not much costly and you can bought them at the price of 3000 pkr. Long shirts with full closed sleeves and open sleeves are also fashioned in thissummer kurti collection 2013. Now let’s girl look the photos of Classic Creations Beautiful Formal Kurties With Churidar Collection 2013 for women and girls.

Delphi Latest Eid & Fall Wear Collection

Delphi-Latest-Eid-Fall-Wear-Collection-2013-14-2-200x200 Delphi-Latest-Eid-Fall-Wear-Collection-2013-14-3-200x200 Delphi-Latest-Eid-Fall-Wear-Collection-2013-14-4-200x200 Delphi-Latest-Eid-Fall-Wear-Collection-2013-14-6-200x200 Delphi-Latest-Eid-Fall-Wear-Collection-2013-14-7-200x200 Delphi-Latest-Eid-Fall-Wear-Collection-2013-14-8-200x200Delphi recently launched new Eid & autumn wear Collection 2013 women. This collection is the form of a photoshoot in Hello Pakistan September issue 2013. Designs of the clothes from the collection of clothing of Delphi are a mixture of Eastern and Western fashion. Coats, silk and zardozi work costumes can be seen in the collection of Delphi 2013 clothing for women. These clothes are perfect for evening wear and can wear clothes of official dinners, wear semi-formal, formal wear, party wear, wedding clothes and bridal wear….They offers dresses in seams Eastern and Western styles.Delphi brand owned by Nargis and Nida. Nargis Kiani CEO of Delphi has more than 18 years of design experience. She oversees the production and design. NIDA tapal MBA of LUMS has joined his mother in 2010 to reorganize the company. She had a career in HR and corporate image with the Shell Pakistan and has also worked in their headquarters in the Hague, Netherlands. All the best collections specifically designed according to the demand of their fans and customers.always pleasure to wear something again with the passage of time and mode trend.let see this beautiful collection.

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