Maria B Party Wear Dresses Collection

Latest-Party-Wear-Maria-B-Eid-Embroidery-Dresses-2013-For-Women-7-200x200 Maria-B-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2014-15-For-Women-1-200x200 Maria-B-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2014-15-For-Women-2-200x200 Maria-B-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2014-15-For-Women-3-200x200 Maria-B-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2014-15-For-Women-4-200x200 Maria-B-Party-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2014-15-For-Women-6-200x200Now in this article we are sharing with you Maria B Party Wear Dresses Collection 2014-15 For Women. Maria B is among the Pakistan’s biggest and popular fashion designer in Pakistan….. Maria B is a fashion designer that has published a lot of collection and attained usually a good response from fashion fans. Maria B has released a lot of collection and here’s an additional collection has revealed. This particular collection contains Party Wear Dresses Collection for young girls.These party wear dresses 2014 are looking awesome and elegant. Maria B is one of the Pakistan’s leading and challenging fashion designer. Maria B provides casual wear to formal wear dresses for each season. Maria B additionally offers wedding wear dresses for women. Maria B has released a lot of collection and gained a good response. Maria B has freshly presented the girl gorgeous party wear dresses 2014 for women. Maria B Party Wear Dresses Collection 2014-15 have decorated with full of unique looks and beautiful stitching designs.

Image Embrooidered Eid Collection

Image-Embrooidered-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-2-200x200 Image-Embrooidered-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-4-200x200 Image-Embrooidered-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-5-200x200 Image-Embrooidered-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-6-200x200 Image-Embrooidered-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-7-200x200 Image-Embrooidered-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-8-200x200Image Fabrics is also an another well repute fashion brand of Pakistan, who has launched their summer/eid collection 2014 now. This collection includes chiffon dresses which have designed in fully embellishment of embroidery and prints.Image provides clothes that are printed and embroidered…… Image Fabrics latest eid collection 2014 for women can be seen over here. It was released recently.Image Fabrics latest eid collection 2014 for women was revealed just now. It contains nice unstitched dresses for women unlike the previous Image collection 2014, which offered pret. The clothes of this collection are all embroidered as this is a premium embroidered collection.

Beech Tree New Eid ul Fitr Collection

beech-tree-eid-dresses-2014-designs-1-200x200 beech-tree-eid-dresses-2014-designs-2-200x200 beech-tree-eid-dresses-2014-designs-3-200x200 beech-tree-eid-dresses-2014-designs-5-200x200 beech-tree-eid-dresses-2014-designs-6-200x200 beech-tree-eid-dresses-2014-designs-7-200x200Here is another fabulous formal wear mid summer collection 2014 by Beech Tree for females has recently launched. This collection has been just designed out with the dedication of coming Eid 2014.As everyone known that summer season will not end yet, that’s way beech tree designed summer outfits for women. All these dresses are perfect for evening party wear occasions. The silk and chiffon fabrics are seeing in this collection…… These eid dresses 2014 have adorned with modernity and high ends. Beech Tree Eid-Ul-Fitr dresses 2014 have embellished with embroidery and laces. Some of the dresses have adorned with prints also. The colros you can see in this collection are bright such as red, pink, black and white. These dresses are now available at all leading outlets of Beech Tree.Let’s check out them below.

Deepak Perwani Eid Kurta Shalwar Collection

deepak-perwani-mens-eid-dresses-2014-1-200x200 deepak-perwani-mens-eid-dresses-2014-2-200x200 deepak-perwani-mens-eid-dresses-2014-3-200x200 deepak-perwani-mens-eid-dresses-2014-4-200x200 deepak-perwani-mens-eid-dresses-2014-5-200x200 deepak-perwani-mens-eid-dresses-2014-6-200x200Deepak Perwani Kurta newly released menswear collection 2014 for eid ul fitr. deepak perwani eid collection 2014 offers includes simple and embroidered kurta shalwar in stylish and amazing stitches designs.Pakistani fashion designer Deepak Perwani discloses his hottest Eid Collection 2014 for the menswear and women’s wear clothing line. The collection is in stores now at all Deepak Perwani stores nationwide….. Deepak Perwani Eid Collection consists attractive colors range like brown, blue, red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, parrot, green, black, white, sky blue and many more striking colors range. See below here Deepak Perwani Eid Collection 2014 for Men. Let’s see below here complete collection pictures.

Satrangi Pret Eid Collection

Satrangi-Pret-By-Bonanza-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-2-200x200 Satrangi-Pret-By-Bonanza-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-3-200x200 Satrangi-Pret-By-Bonanza-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-4-200x200 Satrangi-Pret-By-Bonanza-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-5-200x200 Satrangi-Pret-By-Bonanza-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-6-200x200 Satrangi-Pret-By-Bonanza-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-7-200x200Bonanza satrangi eid dresses 2014 have recently launched. Bonanza Garments has launched recently their eid collection 2014 for women. This collection includes lawn dresses which are available in unstitched pattern.It is the new arrival of Bonanza for this Eid-ul-Fitr 2014 that is Satrangi by Bonanza Eid Collection 2014-2015. Every one knows that bonanza is famous for their seasonal and festival dresses all over the world…… If we talk about Eid Dresses and Occasional dresses their comes some leading fashion brands in our mind and the number one brand is Bonanza. Bonanza is providing you tremendous and luxury class pakistani traditional eid dresses for women, men and kids. Every eid design present in this collection have beautiful combination of embroidery designs and printed designs. These are all heavy embroidered suits for eid.

Ali Xeeshan Eid Collection

Ali-Xeeshan-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-by-Shariq-Textiles-2-200x200 Ali-Xeeshan-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-by-Shariq-Textiles-3-200x200 Ali-Xeeshan-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-by-Shariq-Textiles-4-200x200 Ali-Xeeshan-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-by-Shariq-Textiles-5-200x200 Ali-Xeeshan-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-by-Shariq-Textiles-6-200x200 Ali-Xeeshan-Eid-Collection-2014-For-Girls-Women-by-Shariq-Textiles-7-200x200Ali Xeeshan is one of the talented and famous fashion designer in Pakistan, who has been running his Theater Studio of clothing since very past years ago.Ali Xeeshan is a fashion designers, who offers party wear, formal wear and wedding wear dresses for both men and women.Recently, after the great launches of so many collection, Ali Xeeshan eid collection 2014 has launched by Shariq Textiles.Eid festival is coming in days and every designer and brand want to introduced exquisite clothes for special Eid. Finally Ali Xeeshan has launched most awaiting Eid Collection 2014 recently. This Eid, wear Ali Xeeshan Embroidered collection….. Nadia Hussain’s brand always made best quality material that guaranteed luxury and comfortable, and exquisite delicate embroidery to improve you personality.Shariq Textiles has launched this collection which has designed by Ali Xeeshan.

Mausummery Latest Eid Collection

mausummery-eid-casual-wear-collection-2014-3-200x200 (1) mausummery-eid-casual-wear-collection-2014-3-200x200 mausummery-eid-casual-wear-collection-2014-4-200x200 mausummery-eid-casual-wear-collection-2014-5-200x200 mausummery-eid-casual-wear-collection-2014-6-200x200 mausummery-eid-casual-wear-collection-2014-8-200x200Mausummery is one of the most famous and leading lawn brands of Pakistan. Recently, the brand has designed and launched their latest Mausummery Eid-Ul-Fitr collection 2014 for women. As we know that the Holy event of Eid-Ul-Fitr is not so for away and most of the designer and brands are busy to launched eid collections.Recently Nishat linen, ittehad, lala and kayseria has launched their summer eid collection 2014-15 and now Mausummery comes with its Mausummery Eid Lawn Catalog 2014. This is a limited eid edition that consist 12 diverse designs…… These luxury embroidered eid dresses are garnished with distinctive embroidery designs and astonishing colors. Mausummery Eid Collection has published a latest unique Eid Collection 2014. This perfectly designed for the ladies to wear on the Eid Day Celebration. It name is Mausummery Eid Collection 2014.

Asim Jofa Eid ul Fitr Catalogue 2014

asim-jofa-eid-collection-2014-full-catalog-1-200x200 asim-jofa-eid-collection-2014-full-catalog-2-200x200 asim-jofa-eid-collection-2014-full-catalog-4-200x200 asim-jofa-eid-collection-2014-full-catalog-5-200x200 asim-jofa-eid-collection-2014-full-catalog-6-200x200 asim-jofa-eid-collection-2014-full-catalog-7-200x200This is another Designer Lawn collection of Asim Jofa as ” Eid Chiffon/Charmeuse Silk Collection 2014″.
In this post we are sharing few pictures of Asim Jofa Eid ul Fitr collection 2014 for women. The collection is comes in 3 piece formation included lawn shirts, dyed shalwar and chiffon dubattas. Envelope yourself in Asim Jofa’s Chiffon/Charmeuse Silk Collection with its vivid colors and mesmerizing patterns enhanced all the more with delicate embroideries and motives to become the next trendsetter among your group of friends! It will give you trendy flavor of prints and twist of fashion for celebrations…… Unique blend of east and west add the classy stand out dresses in your summer wardrobe. A sneak peak of the gorgeous Asim Jofa Chiffon/Charmeuse Silk Collection to be hitting stores near you very soon. Keep an eye out for the Asim Jofa Chiffon/Charmeuse Silk Collection. Coming soon to a leading store near you. Lets have a look..

Indain Actress Nargis Fakhri Royal Blue Anarkali

Indain-Actress-Nargis-Fakhri-Royal-Blue-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-1-200x200 Indain-Actress-Nargis-Fakhri-Royal-Blue-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-2-200x200 Indain-Actress-Nargis-Fakhri-Royal-Blue-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-3-200x200 Indain-Actress-Nargis-Fakhri-Royal-Blue-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-4-200x200 Indain-Actress-Nargis-Fakhri-Royal-Blue-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-5-200x200 Indain-Actress-Nargis-Fakhri-Royal-Blue-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-200x200Brides Galleria is Indian online fashion brand.Brides Galleria offers widest range of designer apparel.Neoteric designs, Premium accessories and of top-notch quality, Brides galleria is the online fashion store and having its manufacture base in New Delhi.
Brides galleria are obtainable a lot of gathering for women and girls such as women’s wear, Anarkali Suits, fashionable Indian Saree, Punjabi Suits, Bridal Lehangs, Designer Sarees , Designer Salwar Kameez, Indian Jewelry, Tunics, marriage accessories.Freshly Brides Galleria has out its new fashionable Nargis Fakhri Royal Blue Anarkali Suit fashion 2014-15.In this Nargis Fakhri Royal Blue Anarkali Suit are very beautiful…..

Eden Robe Menswear collection

Eden-Robe-Menswear-collection-2014-for-Summer-1-200x200 Eden-Robe-Menswear-collection-2014-for-Summer-2-200x200 Eden-Robe-Menswear-collection-2014-for-Summer-3-200x200 Eden-Robe-Menswear-collection-2014-for-Summer-4-200x200 Eden-Robe-Menswear-collection-2014-for-Summer-5-200x200 Eden-Robe-Menswear-collection-2014-for-Summer-200x200Eden Robe menswear collection 201 for summer has freshly released. Eden Robe has released their summer collection 2014 for young and modern men. Eden Robe newest summer collection 2014 includes kurta shalwar which are looking so trendy and classy. These kurta shalwar are ideal for casual wear as well as all type of occasions. Eden Robe menswear collection 2014 for summer has decorated with modernity and high ends. Eden Robe is one of the Pakistan’s foremost and famous fashion brands in Pakistan……Eden Robe is a fashion brand who has been working since very past years ago. Eden Robe was established in year 1988 and since then they have released so many seasonal and occasional collection. Eden Robe is famous by their high quality fabrics. They offer menswear and kids wear collection for every season and occasion. Sometimes, they design women wear dresses but in a very limited stock. Eden Robe has released so many collections and their every collection has added good response from fashion lovers.

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