Indian & Pakistani Stylish Frocks

Stylish-Indian-and-pakistani-Frocks-1-200x200 Stylish-Indian-and-pakistani-Frocks-2-200x200 Stylish-Indian-and-pakistani-Frocks-3-200x200 Stylish-Indian-and-pakistani-Frocks-5-200x200 Stylish-Indian-and-pakistani-Frocks-8-200x200 Stylish-Indian-and-pakistani-Frocks-200x200Long Shirts and Kameez trend has now again become a part of fashion in South Asian countries. Women of all ages loves to wear long kameez with jeans or trousers, girls are also wearing long kameez with churidar.Long kameez anarkali frocks are getting popular in Pakistan and India.Pakistani Fashion designers are one of the most influential and most recognized in fashion industry. Pakistan fashion industry and the media are the real promoters of the Pakistani fashion in the world and Pakistan fashion industry has been gaining lot of acknowledgment in the whole part of world.

Winter has to be started in Pakistan and it has been turning out to be the shopping craze for Women. Different new trendy styles have been introduced recently and every girl is willing to get herself ready for the season. Winter season also hosts most of the parties of the year especially weddings, engagements and other parties. So it is also time to get party dresses to make yourself stunning, elegent, modish and attractive.Long Kameez is a part of fashion, Girls love to wear Long shirts with churidar pajamas, Anarkali frocks are getting popular.

Xenab’s Atelier Bridal / Formal Wear Collection

Latest-Bridal-Formal-Outfits-2013-By-Xenabs-Atelier-1 Latest-Bridal-Formal-Outfits-2013-By-Xenabs-Atelier-2 Latest-Bridal-Formal-Outfits-2013-By-Xenabs-Atelier-3 Latest-Bridal-Formal-Outfits-2013-By-Xenabs-Atelier-4 Latest-Bridal-Formal-Outfits-2013-By-Xenabs-Atelier-5 Latest-Bridal-Formal-Outfits-2013-By-Xenabs-AtelierXenab’s Atelier bridal – formal wear collection 2013 has been released for women. Xenab’s Atelier to offering Formal, Semi-Formal, Casual, Party wear to Bridal wear outfits as well as eastern and western dresses. Xenab’s Atelier formal wear 2013 collection has designed and launched to mesmerize girls with traditional outfits.The bridal – formal wear dresses includes with shirts, sharara, gharara and lehengas.

Embroidered and stonework can be seen on the neckline, front and back of the shirts. Traditional and modern formal wear both can be seen in Xenab’s Atelier bridal – formal wear collection 2013 for women. Dresses are embellished with embroidery & motifs. Lets have a look at Bridal and Formal Collection 2013 By Xenab’s Atelier.

st Indian Style Anarkali Collection

Latest-Indian-Style-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-1-200x200 Latest-Indian-Style-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-2-200x200 Latest-Indian-Style-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-3-200x200 Latest-Indian-Style-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-4-200x200 Latest-Indian-Style-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-5-200x200 Latest-Indian-Style-Anarkali-Dresses-Collection-2014-For-Girls-6-200x200Today in this article we are share you Latest Indian Style Anarkali Dresses Collection 2014 For Girls have been showcased recently. This example is astoundingly predominant from style appreciating girls.different plan originators are making this style example are greatly well known between….. the junior women by gave surprising aches for designing.all dreams are eat up in this Anarkali dresses collection assembling by the assorted organizers in Anarkali dresses collection are amazingly immaculate & stunning.for trimming Latest Indian Style Anarkali Dresses Collection 2014 For Girls.

Hitchhiker’s New Winter Outfit 2013-14

Hitch-Hikers-Winter-Outfit-Dresses-2013-14-For-Boys-Girls-001-200x200 Hitch-Hikers-Winter-Outfit-Dresses-2013-14-For-Boys-Girls-002-200x200 Hitch-Hikers-Winter-Outfit-Dresses-2013-14-For-Boys-Girls-003-200x200 Hitch-Hikers-Winter-Outfit-Dresses-2013-14-For-Boys-Girls-004-200x200 Hitch-Hikers-Winter-Outfit-Dresses-2013-14-For-Boys-Girls-005-200x200Hitch hikers stylish dresses collection for this winter period including some amazing and beautiful colours. This dresses collection based on western stitching method dresses, with stylish look for the winter term. Hitch hikers below in the Photo balcony right after the piece ends……. Hitch Hikers is a most popular brand of Pakistan documented in the field of style in year since 2011. This modern brand forever offer most new and trendy crop with mote fancy style. It is a product of fashionable boys & girls both. You will find stunning and elegant variety of nigh ties and women adds like shirts , jeans , pants , sweaters , jackets , cargo , hats,shoes,belts and garnishes for boys and modern girls can see the pictures of this newest winter wear clothing collection.

Threads and Motifs Summer / Spring Wear

Threads-and-Motifs-Summer-Spring-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-1-200x200 Threads-and-Motifs-Summer-Spring-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-2-200x200 Threads-and-Motifs-Summer-Spring-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-3-200x200 Threads-and-Motifs-Summer-Spring-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-4-200x200 Threads-and-Motifs-Summer-Spring-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-5-200x200 Threads-and-Motifs-Summer-Spring-Wear-Collection-2014-for-Women-200x200Newly, Threads and Motifs summer/ spring wear collection 2014 for women have been released. Firstly, we would like to talk about the short foreword of Threads and Motifs as a cloths brand. Threads and Motifs are careful to be most important and top outfits product in Pakistan. It is well-liked for nice embroidered collections for women. Threads and Motifs also offer loose outfits as well as stitched clothes for young girls….. This outfits brand offers clothes for young girls of all age groups. The main brand lines of Threads and Motifs brand are casual wear, party wear, bridal wear, formal wear and many more. For every season and festival, Threads and Motifs displayed its gorgeous and graceful collections. Pakistani women and girls would love to buy dresses by Threads and Motifs collections. Now, for spring season once again Threads and Motifs are back with its latest collection. Thread and Motifs launched its newest and exclusive formal wear collection 2014 for young girls. This exclusive wedding wear collection 2014 has been particularly released for spring season. This exclusive casual wear collection 2014 includes long shirts and medium length shirts with tights, trousers and churidaar pajamas. All the summer / spring wear collections are heavily embellished with fancy work like embroidery work.

Natasha Couture Desire Shalwar Suit Collection

Natasha-CoutureNew-Desire-Shalwar-Suit-collection-2013-12-200x200 Natasha-CoutureNew-Desire-Shalwar-Suit-collection-2013-15-200x200 Natasha-CoutureNew-Desire-Shalwar-Suit-collection-2013-17-200x200 Natasha-CoutureNew-Desire-Shalwar-Suit-collection-2013-20-200x200 Natasha-CoutureNew-Desire-Shalwar-Suit-collection-2013-22-200x200 Natasha-CoutureNew-Desire-Shalwar-Suit-collection-2013-200x200Natasha Couture is the most famous clothing and top fashion brand in India and offer online cash on delivery facility in different countries. Natasha couture offers different dresses such as lehngas, sarees, anarkali dresses and frocks. Today Natasha Couture Showcased Desire Shalwar Suit Collection 2013 for womenNatasha Couture has also its fashion outlets. Natasha Couture aim to give every customer appropriate service according to her needs. Natasha Couture also offers stitched and unstitched dresses, Anarkali frocks, straight shirts, frocks, churidaar pajamas & dupattas. Natasha Couture Shalwar Suits are adorned with different tie die prints. Pink, light green, beige, black, white, ferozi, black, yellow, maroon, mustard, mauve & red colors are used. They are adorned with embroidery, laces, prints & patch work. Price ranges from Rs 3000 to Rs 5000.Ready to ship suits! Dispatch time 2-3 days (un-stitched). With stitching, 1 week – 10 days.Payment options : Domestic and International Debit & Credit Cards, Bank transfer, Paypal, Net Banking (Net banking with Indian bank accounts), Western Union, Money Gram. Natasha Couture provides free shipping within India.

Adil Iqbal Classic Creation Latest Kurta’s

Adil-Iqbal-Classic-Creation-Latest-Kurta’s-2013-14-For-Women-3-200x200 Adil-Iqbal-Classic-Creation-Latest-Kurta’s-2013-14-For-Women-5-200x200 Adil-Iqbal-Classic-Creation-Latest-Kurta’s-2013-14-For-Women-7-200x200 Adil-Iqbal-Classic-Creation-Latest-Kurta’s-2013-14-For-Women-9-200x200 Adil-Iqbal-Classic-Creation-Latest-Kurta’s-2013-14-For-Women-10-200x200 Adil-Iqbal-Classic-Creation-Latest-Kurta’s-2013-14-For-Women-11-200x200Adil Iqbal, there in his honour. Adil Iqbal was a name that has been poured into the sector. These casual grape 2013 clothing dresses look great in their bright shades like blue, orange, green, yellow, pink etc.Adil Iqbal Classic Creation Latest Kurta’s 2013-14 For Women (10)After the big launch and success of this collection of summer 2013, now Adil Iqbal is returning with their wonderful hot & the meeting picture…… “BOLD” for the ‘Classic creation shoot in weekly Mag’ their new collection of styles of kurta for formal, party wear, evening dresses fashion 2013-2014. You can wear these type of kurtas with salwar, churidar pyjamas, tights, leggings and jeans.Adil Iqbal Classic Creation Latest Kurta’s 2013-14 For Women (11) This latest collection of clothing by 2013 was wrapped on the trend looking for long kurtas. Origins latest kurta collection 2013 for women will respond to these women, who want stylish ready to wear

Designer: Adil Iqbal

Zaheer Abbas Lawn 2013 by Shariq Textile

zaheer-abbas-lawn-2013-by-shariq-textile-1-200x200 zaheer-abbas-lawn-2013-by-shariq-textile-3-200x200 zaheer-abbas-lawn-2013-by-shariq-textile-4-200x200 zaheer-abbas-lawn-2013-by-shariq-textile-8-200x200 zaheer-abbas-lawn-2013-by-shariq-textile-10-200x200 zaheer-abbas-lawn-2013-by-shariq-textile-14-200x200Zaheer Abbas Spring summer lawn collection 2013 in collaboration with Shariq Textile has recently been launched.

Zaheer Abbas is very talented fashion designer having very strong skills. He is not much old in fashion industry but his creativity has put his name in the list of very successful fashion designers of Pakistan who have done a marvellous work in the market to fulfil all the fashion needs of Women. His work and creativity is the thing that makes him highly successful in a very short time. Zaheer was known for pret line but now as we all knows that lawn craze is every where, so Zaheer decided to jump into the lawn fiesta this season. This year, he presents his début lawn collection in collaboration with Shariq Textile, a well known textile mill as well as a reputed fashion brand in Pakistan.

Same Formal and Evening Wear Collection

Same-Formal-and-Evening-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2013-001-200x200 Same-Formal-and-Evening-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2013-002-200x200 Same-Formal-and-Evening-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2013-003-200x200 Same-Formal-and-Evening-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2013-004-200x200 Same-Formal-and-Evening-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2013-005-200x200 Same-Formal-and-Evening-Wear-Dresses-Collection-2013-006-200x200QnH PRET.QnH PRET is most leading women fashion brand in Pakistan QnH PRETdesigned the girls and women formal wear dresses, party wear dresses, evening wear dresses and casual wear dresses in every session of summer and winter.Now this time QnH PRET launched the girls same formal and evening wear dresses this collection dresses are contained with very bright color and same embroidery work at the front and the back side shirts…… This collection dresses are enclosed with long shirt, maxi, kurta, trouser, tops and pajama. This same formal and evening wear dresses specially designed for young girls. These dresses are available in pink, red, apple green, peach and cyan colors these all the dresses are very attractive and beautiful.

Rangoli Party Wear Collection

Rangoli-Party-Wear-Collection-2013-for-Women-by-Waseem-Noor.-1-200x200 Rangoli-Party-Wear-Collection-2013-for-Women-by-Waseem-Noor.-2-200x200 Rangoli-Party-Wear-Collection-2013-for-Women-by-Waseem-Noor.-4-200x200 Rangoli-Party-Wear-Collection-2013-for-Women-by-Waseem-Noor.-5-200x200 Rangoli-Party-Wear-Collection-2013-for-Women-by-Waseem-Noor.-31-200x200 Rangoli-Party-Wear-Collection-2013-for-Women-by-Waseem-Noor.-200x200Waseem Noor launched her clothing collection 2013 party some time ago. Waseem Noor party wear collection 2013 is titled ‘Rangoli’. This is a very appropriate name for the collection. This is due to the stylish dresses collection of Waseem Noor party clothes are very colorful. Bright colors like yellow and gold can be seen in Waseem Noor party wear collection 2013. Long shirts with trousers and dresses churidaars included in each of the dresses. In the photos, the dresses are sleeveless but the designer could probably provided the dresses with sleeves. Banarsi fabric, colors and embroidered edges can also be seen in Waseem Noor dresses party wear collection 2013. We really like this collection and we are sure that many women feel the same way.
Waseem Noor is one of the famous fashion designers of Pakistan. Recently presented his collection at Pakistan fashion week 2013. Earlier this year, launched Waseem Noor Collection 2013 formal wear and bridal gowns. Both were quite nice. The designer is able to design elegant dresses for all occasions. Whether it’s ready or bridal wear, the designer is very likely to be able to meet your needs. Appointments and orders can be requested through email. The designer also has flagship stores and their populations stores.The checkered dresses of Waseem Noor multi party wear collection 2013 for women are lower. You can contact the designer for information or for questions related to Waseem Noor party wear collection 2013 by email or phone…

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