Lala Textile Vintage Shawls Collection Catalog 2016

Lala-Textile-Vintage-Shawls-Collection-012-600x446 Lala-Textile-Vintage-Shawls-Collection-09-600x446 Lala-Textile-Vintage-Shawls-Collection-07-600x446 Lala-Textile-Vintage-Shawls-Collection-05-600x446 Lala-Textile-Vintage-Shawls-Collection-02-600x446 Lala-Textile-Vintage-Shawls-Collection-01-600x446This Vintage Shawls collection 2016 by Lala Textiles has been showcased just few couple of days back. Mentioning with the name of Lala Textile, this clothing mill is yet the oldest and one of the reputably well known fashion houses of Pakistan fashion world.

Bridal Wear Collection For Women 2016 by Zara Shahjahan

Bridal-Wear-Collection-For-Women-2016-by-Zara-Shahjahan-010 Bridal-Wear-Collection-For-Women-2016-by-Zara-Shahjahan-08 Bridal-Wear-Collection-For-Women-2016-by-Zara-Shahjahan-07 Bridal-Wear-Collection-For-Women-2016-by-Zara-Shahjahan-05 Bridal-Wear-Collection-For-Women-2016-by-Zara-Shahjahan-04 Bridal-Wear-Collection-For-Women-2016-by-Zara-Shahjahan-01-600x492Zara Shahjahan bridal wear collection 2016 for women? If yes then its time to hold your heart beats because most awaited Zara Shahjahan bridal wear collection 2016 for women has all inward inside the fashion market places. This collection will 100% going to make you forget blinking your eyes! Zara Shahjahan is no doubt amongst the best designers of the Pakistan fashion world.

Pakistani Celebrities with their Beautiful Mothers

15-600x450 10 9-600x450 6 5 3Watch Exclusive Pictures from our Pictures Livbrary of Pakistani Celebrities with their Beautiful Mothers…

Suffuse Falaknuma Collection 2015 by Sana Yasir

Falaknuma-023-533x800 Falaknuma-021-600x393 Falaknuma-018-600x393 Falaknuma-010-600x393 Falaknuma-05-600x393 Falaknuma-03-600x393Suffuse is all about understated elegance and feminine style through classic cuts and signature embroideries and motifs.
Our collection depicts the personification of a woman with noble lineage and heritage going back to the royal sub-continent. She is very fond of her family heirlooms and stories from glorious days of the past. She is raised and bred in the modern world so her style is amalgamation of the classic details with modern with modern edge of cuts and styling

Ho Mann Jahaan Cast at Dolmen Mall Espresso

Ho-Mann-Jahaan-Cast-at-Dolmen-Mall-08-600x399 Ho-Mann-Jahaan-Cast-at-Dolmen-Mall-07-600x399 Ho-Mann-Jahaan-Cast-at-Dolmen-Mall-05-600x400 Ho-Mann-Jahaan-Cast-at-Dolmen-Mall-01-600x400Watch Ho Mann Jahaan Cast at Dolmen Mall Espresso…

Nawaz Sharif Grand Daughter Mehrunnisa Safdar Walima Ceremony Pictures

Mehrunnisa-Safdar-Wedding-Pictures-10-600x450 Mehrunnisa-Safdar-Wedding-Pictures-6-600x450 Mehrunnisa-Safdar-Wedding-Pictures-5-600x348 Mehrunnisa-Safdar-Wedding-Pictures-4-600x348 Mehrunnisa-Safdar-Wedding-Pictures-1-600x465Nawaz Sharif Grand Daughter Mehrunnisa Safdar Walima Ceremony Pictures and Videos…

“Dilwale” Movie Premiere at Karachi with Apniisp

Dilwale-Premiere-at-Karachi-with-Apniisp-0013-600x400 Dilwale-Premiere-at-Karachi-with-Apniisp-0012-600x400 Dilwale-Premiere-at-Karachi-with-Apniisp-009-600x400 Dilwale-Premiere-at-Karachi-with-Apniisp-006-600x400 Dilwale-Premiere-at-Karachi-with-Apniisp-005-600x400Watch “Dilwale” Movie Premiere at Karachi with Apniisp Pictures…

Sajal Ali & Feroz Khan Debut Movie ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai’

Sajal-Ali-Feroz-Khan-66 Sajal-Ali-Feroz-Khan-44 Sajal-Ali-Feroz-Khan-33-600x596 Sajal-Ali-and-Feroz-Khan-Recent-Photoshoot-Do-you-like-this-couple-600x518Watch Sajal Ali & Feroz Khan Debut Movie ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai’: BTS & Pictures…

Dolmen Mall Festival Pictures

Dolmen-Mall-Festival-0011-600x611 Dolmen-Mall-Festival-0010 Dolmen-Mall-Festival-009-600x620 Dolmen-Mall-Festival-003-600x614 Dolmen-Mall-Festival-001Anoushay Ashraf, Nousheen Shah, Momal Sheikh and other Celebrities Attend Dollmen Mall Festival.. !

Beautiful & Gorgeous Couple Kanwar Arsalan and Fatima Effendi

Kanwar-Arsalan-and-Fatima-Effendi-30 Kanwar-Arsalan-and-Fatima-Effendi-19 Kanwar-Arsalan-and-Fatima-Effendi-9 Kanwar-Arsalan-and-Fatima-Effendi-5 Kanwar-Arsalan-and-Fatima-Effendi-3 Kanwar-Arsalan-and-Fatima-Effendi-1Watch Beautiful & Gorgeous Couple Kanwar Arsalan and Fatima Effendi Pictures…

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